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Permissions we ask on Gamers Unite!

by Amy Wong - Nov 01, 2011 Star_s79,219 views

Update (11/14/12): Updated screenshots due to Facebook's UI changes. Also offline_access permission has been replaced with a longer expiration method and we no longer as for this permission.

When you play a new game on Facebook or do a Facebook Connect with external sites, the apps ask you for several permissions. There are some apps out there that ask for EVERYTHING that makes you think "Why do they need all these permissions? What do they need them for?Undecided"

On Gamers Unite!, we try to ask the most basic permissions possible. For example, if you are just loggin in to comment on posts, or to find friends to play games, we only ask for basic permissions (anything you made public such as name and profile pic). When you want to get your filtered game feeds, then only at that time we ask you for the right permission to read your Facebook wall so we can fetch the feed.

Here are the permissions we ask and what they are used for:

1) Your basic information: This is the information you share with the public on your Facebook settings. This is how you login to Gamers Unite!

permission dialogue box

2) Access posts in your News Feed: This permission is needed when you use the "My Feed" (filtered game specific posts), "Link Exchanges" to fetch your links, and the Snag Bar so we can fetch the game posts your friends posted on your wall.

3) Post on your behalf: ONLY for Snag Bar users who would like to leave comments on helpful posts - We need the "Write" permission so we can leave comments for you automatically.

write permission

4) Access my data any time: This permission allows us to read your wall even if you log out of Facebook. More information on this thread. We only ask this for Snag Bar users which you can revoke too. UPDATE: We no longer ask for this permission.

We care a lot about our members privacy and hope this helps many feel comfortable about being our member and using our game tools! :)

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Kayla Steinmann - Mar 13, 2013

I love the snagbar but I do have 2 issues with it.... #1 When I log off of my computer I have to re-instal the snagbar...EVERY TIME! #2 It says I have snagged stuff for Coasterville but they do not appear in my giftbox. Those are the only issues I have other than that, I love the extra help!!!

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