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Cityville - Custom Business Names

by Aidan McGillveray - Jan 04, 2011 Star_s16,504 views

What have you custom named your businesses? I have noticed that not many of my neighbours change theirs and go with the default option of "Name Business Type" (eg. Frank's Toy Store, Sandy's Wedding Store, etc.)

Share below your custom business names, it can help give each other some ideas.
Mine are:
Florest: When in Bloom
Pool Hall/Billards: Tight Rack n' Strokin Wood
Italian Restaurant: Pasta La Vista
Burger Place: Soon Fatt Burgers
Toy Store: The Great Big Toy Store
Bakery: Aidan's Bake Shop

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Pearl Phillips - Mar 22, 2013

well just to name a few of my favs business names

townname- sunshine valley
downtown name-moonlight valley

baker- icing on the cake (one of my all time fav name)
sewing shop- seww......
shoe store- the shoe must go on
florist- roses are red, violets are blue
watch store- its about time
newsstand -good mystical morning (after rett and links morning daily show)
arcade- triangle square circle X
tavern- drunken lasse ( the store is pink.. so)
bed and breakfast- me casa su casa
camera store- just shoot me
washing machine store- vicious cycle
bike shop - pedal to the metal
greek restaurant- My big fat greek restaurant
chocolate shop - lifes like a box of chocolates
coco cafe- hot coco chanel
tea shop- qualitea
asian stirfry- wok this way
sushi- finding nemo
corner store- right around the corner
irish pub- the lucky charm
donut store - a hole lot more
music store- tune in
cupcake/muffin store- Ill butter your muffin
french cafe- breaking the bread
french restaurant- creme de la heartattack
burger joint - meat between the buns
toy store- toying around
candle store- burn baby burn candle inferno
fiddler shop- fiddler on the roof
hardware store- can you fix it.. now you can ( after bob the builders...can we fix it.. yes we can)
pot and pans store- calling the kettle black
dance studio- center stage
tourist store- around the world
spa- this is SPA..... ta!
hair salon- curl up and dye
eggnog shop- eggs the halls
hoilday bakery- santa little baker
bike shop- pedal to the medal
street grill- be all up in your grill
diner- Ill have what shes having
bqq joint- ribbed for her pleasure
furniture store - sofa so good

sorry the list is long but I kept finding more business names I liked in my town
but this is just a few names of some of my store

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