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Hack Tier 9 Units (updated)

by Alejandro Retana - Sep 23, 2012 Star_s41,685 views

Here is the new way to build tier 9 units (it works for any other unit,tier 8..7..6..)

You need:

-Cheat Engine,download here: http://www.cheatengine.org/

-The Warzone

Step 1. Open the Warzone,select a player to attack,choose the air theater so you can use air units,I will use the Midnight Bomber (UB63) in this example,but you can use any unit you want,you just need to have at least 5 of them on inventory:

Step 2. Before placing your units,open Cheat Engine,select the process your web browser is using (Chrome.exe or plugin-container.exe),change value type from '4 bytes' to 'text' (string,on version 6.2)

Step 3. Type in the code of the Midnight Bomber (UB63),click on 'first scan',highlight all the results and move them to the bottom box with the red arrow

Step 4. Click on one of them,hit 'crtl+a',then hit 'enter',and replace the code UB63 with UD31 (Draco Fighter),and hit 'enter' again:

Step 5. Now back on the Warzone fight,place 5 Midnight Bombers,click on the 'fight' button,and then pause the battle

Step 6. Wait for 5/10 seconds and reload the game,open your inventory and if everything went right,you should have 5 new Draco Fighters by now:

Here is a video describing the entire process: Helios Artillery


1.Haz click en la Warzone,selecciona un oponente y elige una pelea con unidades aereas,yo usare el Midnight Bomber (UB63) en este ejemplo,pero se puede usar cualquier unidad
2.Abre el Cheat Engine,selecciona el proceso que tu navegador esta usando para correr el juego,chrome.exe o plugin-container.exe (firefox)
3.Cambia 'value type' de '4 bytes' a 'text' (string),escribe el codigo del Midnight Bomber 'UB63',y haz click en 'first scan'
4.Selecciona todos los resultados y muevelos a la parte de abajo,haz click en uno de ellos,presiona 'control+a' y presiona 'enter',cambia el codigo UB63 por UD31,y presiona 'enter' otra vez
5.Ahora coloca 5 Midnight Bombers en la pelea,haz click en 'pelear',y despues pausa la batalla
6.Espera 5 o 10 segundos y recarga el juego,abre el inventario y si todo salio bien,deberias tener 5 Draco Fighters


Vertex Units


-Rapid Assault Turret_+1740_UN34
-Bombus Tank_+1680_UN02


-The Ezulik Bomber_+1980_UD20
-Galaxy Fighter_+1800_UC25
-Crimson Copter_+1680_UB65


-Berserk Battleship_+1800_UU37
-Kal Gunboat_+1740_UU02

Crimson Hand Units







Special thanks to all the people that have helped me to get this done

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