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Pioneer Trail

Tame the wilderness and build a thriving frontier town


Welcome to the Gamers Unite! Pioneer Trail forum!

by Kixie Lam-Jek - Aug 13, 2011 Star_s13,856 views

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Linda Green-Robinson - Apr 08, 2013

To Susie - I completely agree. I've accidently hit the same button and spent horsehoes that I didn't want to spend.

Also, while using GamersUnite (this is my first time using it), I'm not getting the gifts they claimed to have snagged. There were pitchers of fancy water that were supposed to have been snagged and when I went to water my trees, it wasn't there. Neither were the items they say were snagged to finish some of my missions.

To Sylvia - as far as grass is concerned, you can turn in some of your collection to get some grass. I was going to suggest that you friend me and I could send you some but it does not give the option to send grass as a gift. sorry. but try turning in some of your collections

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