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A friend deleted me because I'm a member of Gamers Unite!

by Joan Marie Hyde - Apr 21, 2010 Star_s18,815 views

Has anyone had a friend delete them because you are a member of gamers unite?She told me in advance that she was gonna do it if I didn't stop being a member of gamers unite!so I asked her why!She just deleted me without answering why! Is something up that I don't know about ?


Added by Alan (8:39 PM CDT on 4/22/2010):

The response to the rumors, misinformation, and outright lies that was here has been expanded and moved to its own thread. Please copy the link below and paste it to your browser's address bar.


Added by Alan (8:40 PM CDT on 4/22/2010) - Comment left by Timothy Bowen in this thread:

I also read the forums here and have been included in this "witch hunt" against anyone using this website. I am interested in knowing what link shows users that use this website, that might actually be useful for finding neighbors who are not going to threaten other users unjustly.

I also have an opinion about these same people leading the crusade against the users of Gamers United and I think they need to ask themselves:
1) Have they ever used a "gift giving" link for items they did not have available to send?
2) Do they have themselves or have friends with multiple "locked 1" items such as nurseries?
3) Are they or have they bypassed the new Facebook "Group Similar Items" using a script or application such as "Feed Filter" or similar addons?
4) Do they use Facebooks ability to post only to specific users as a way to share gifts to select people instead of the neighbor community at large?
5) Have they used any of the addons or tools that sum up and list all available gifts from the news feed on one page so they can quickly click all of them bypassing Facebooks system for collecting gifts?
6) Have they ever logged in on a friends account to help them or used a second email to play more then one farm or helped their family by playing for them when they are not at their computer?
7) Do they rotate their nursery or stables to collect and harvest more then once a day to gain coins, gifts or breed multiple foals?
8) Do they or their friends Visit FarmvilleFreak to see what is going to be coming out in advance or learn other tips and tricks for Farmville?
9) Do they block their avatar from moving to harvest/plant faster and make it easier on their neighbors to visit and fertalize them?

I am sure there are more things that could also be listed and I bet you most of those same people that try to threaten you with removing you as a neighbor have done some or all of those things or have friends that do them that they will not remove. So if they want to be two faced so be it, but they need to look at themselves and the friends they do keep before passing sentence on other users unfairly. I hope anyone reading this honestly takes this message to heart and learns to live and let live before telling someone they have a speck in their eye when there is a log sticking out of their own. This is after all a game. Nuff said.

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Carrie Klein - Apr 17, 2013

If somebody told me they were going to delete me for using gamers unite...I'd delete and block them lol who fucking cares...I've got tons of gamer friends I don't need them

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