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Country Fair hack With Cheat Engine Score Hack

by Shoaib Khan - May 06, 2013 Star_s16,614 views

Because most players having issue to change points in Country Fair,lets try this way,little diffrent......Dont rush or skip steps!

Step by step:

1. Open C.E.
2. Look points for crop you want to change in Country Wagon, write in and "FRIST SCAN".
3. Plant crop,put water, (fertilizer you can use, BUT NOT necessary)......
4. Then put Speed-grow and Harvest.....wait to show up BIG Crops on farm (like on photo down)
5. Open County Fair Wagon and look points for crop you want to change....(number will change, that is why you are looking again)
6. In C.E. instade of scaned number before,write NEW number that is now and click "NEXT SCAN" (not "New Scan").....that way you will get only 1 address.
7. Then that only address change to number you want....
8. Then click on BIG crops and check on Country Fair Wagon,new crop points....
9. You dont need to restart game or C.E.,just click "New Scan" and do next crop....


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Virginia Lyn Freelon - May 06, 2013

Yes this is sure not FAIR, if u cheat - shame on you. Play FAIR.

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