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EXTRA WELLS & TROUGHS GLITCH - Updated (May, 10th 2013.)

by Ivan Lučić - May 01, 2013 Star_s39,800 views

Update is at the end of this post.

It's a new version of an old, long time ago fixed glitch. You can get cheap Wells, Troughs and Silos. It's not the easiest thing to do, you've got to be quick, but the method is simple and IT'S WORKING.

1. Visit your neighbour

2. After few seconds click on your profile picture to take you home, to your farm - you don't have to wait for the neighbour's farm to load (but if you want to, you can stay on your neighbour's farm, do some helpful actions and then come back by clicking on your profile picture OR the "Return Home" button)

3. As soon as your farm starts loading, and as soon as one of your plots show, click on it (obviously you need to have at least one plot on your farm - it's irrelevant if you've planted something on it or not, if you're quick enough, you won't see anything planted on the plot)

4. When you click on the plot, it will take you to the General Store - now, click on the Buildings tab as quick as possible

If you were quick enough and did everything as I wrote (there really isn't much to misunderstand), you should see a Well for 14k-300k, Water Trough for 5-28k, Shady trough for 10k, a cheap Silo; but click on anything you see or anything you want AS QUICK AS POSSIBLE.

You might not succed every time, but keep trying, keep practicing, it will pay off. I bought 1 Shady Trough, 4-5 Water Troughs, 1 Silo and nearly 10 Wells, I've stopped counting. Oh, and I've never used a cheat engine, I've only exploited the glitches I've learned about here, on GAMERS UNITE! - so thank you guys.

Please, share this, comment, confirm that it's working, let other people know so they can use it too; it's one of several great new working glitches, all can be found here, on GU! Have a great time and enjoy your game. Cheers!


P.S. I've posted a picture of my farm as a prove that this glitch works (with all those wells and troughs) on my FB (it's public, everyone can see it), so if you want to check it out, please do (I only have couple of pics, this one is the latest, so you won't miss it).


- First, a WARNING to everyone who is using this glitch: DON'T BUY extra Kitchens, Workshops, Crafting kilns, Feed mills.
You don't need it, you have no use for it, it will only waste space on your farm and there is no known way to get rid of it. Yes, YOU CAN'T REMOVE IT FROM YOUR FARM.

- You don't have to buy extra Hen houses, Prized chicken coops, Yogurt creameries, Sheep shacks, Fertilizers, Rabbit warrens, Goat shelters, Furnaces, Mud wallows, Bee boxes.
You will have to build them yourself, get the materials and builders and that's unnecessary. You can simply use the neighbour hack glitch, and take the already built stuff you need from your neighbours (it will not disappear on their farm, you'll just duplicate it, not really steal it). Find details here:

- Slow down your game.
You can achieve this by slowing the internet connection (opening additional pages or videos on YouTube or wherever in new tabs or windows), or by putting a lot of animals, trees, plots and other stuff on your farm. The game might crash more often (nothing dangerous), but that will slow your game down and make it easier for you to use this glitch.

- You've got to keep trying.
You probably won't make it in the beginning, but as you get faster, it will be easier for you to pull this off.

Q: How do I get more money?
A: Use the Walter's Manor glitch, or if you have less than 1 million coins, you can use the Marie's Hay wagon glitch - you can find details here:

Q: Why does it keep telling me "Sorry, you can't buy this right now"?
A: Most likely because you're not fast enough. I get that message most of the time, but I keep practicing and I keep trying - and I succeed occasionally. Try slowing the internet connection by opening additional pages, videos on YouTube, etc.

Q: Why are my Wells and Troughs locked?
A: Because this is a glitch, it should be locked. Sometimes it will work, sometimes it won't. But if you read all of the comments bellow, you'll see that 90% of people got it to work.

Q: When I click on my avatar, why doesn't it take me home?
A: Because obviously I wasn't clear enough. You need to click on your profile picture, not the character in the game. I apologize for the confusion.

Q: When I click to buy a Well/Trough/something else it disappears or the game reloads/crash.
A: You got it to work once, you'll get it to work again. This is a glitch, it won't always work. Just keep trying as long as you want to keep getting extra stuff. It's simple as that.

Q: When I buy something and refresh the farm, it disappears.
A: Same answer as above - try again. And don't refresh the farm if you don't have to.

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Belle Starr Rousseau - May 08, 2013

mine says you can't buy this right now...any way to get around that?

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