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How to complete Dinosour tasks

by Karen K. Selover - May 15, 2013 Star_s114 views

Why exactly hasn't anyone from zynga posted any directions about HOW the Dinosaur stuff works???? like when your a research partner, how exactly do the dino claws get to the other person when upon visiting their park, you can't even see which one your supposed to be helping with....and how many times can you visit to submit/ offer help per day???? and how exactly are we supposed to be able to get the ones we need to complete the task if we can only post help every 5 hours...???? etc...etc... this is very frustrating for the players who are trying to help with getting them built, and a colossial waste of time when they don't!!! not to mention all the lost resources!!! Wth zynga!!! just another half-a&*ed game feature??? one with all the glitches and causing players lots of aggrivation!!! grrrrrr!!!

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Susanna Mäkinen - May 16, 2013

In your own park open the Dino lab. There you can find all the eggs where you're the research partner. Take the eggs out of your lab into your park. Now every time you research egg/dino your partner's egg/dino will also receive that research :)

I personally have no troubles of finishing a Dino in 7 days. I usually finish it in 4 days even if my research partner doesn't help me. Though I have to get Dino Claws from other people's posts too.

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