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Suspension from the game for 24 hours

by Lilian Davis - May 14, 2013 Star_s32,943 views

I just got notice that I have been suspended from the game for 24 hours and not sure really why other then it says I have violation of our Terms of Service and I read them and not understanding what I did. Has anyone else been suspended lately? I do not understand how people are always talking about these glitches and cheating things and I never hear them getting suspended?


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Pamela Woodson - May 24, 2013

Zynga makes no sense....yes I used the glitches to obtain some decorations and a few animal when I got the notice I was suspended for 24 hrs.I thought oh well, it was fun while it lasted. I logged in expecting to find all the stuff I got from the glitches gone.....well...only a few decoration were gone but the stuff I spent REAL money on...gone...including limited edition animals I just purchased. Now who is the thefts? Who is violating who here? But the prized buffalo that I got from Maries farm is still there. I looked in my inventory and found the animal buildings they removed...what the heck???? But the prized animals I had in them that I bought and bottle feed and continue to feed until they became prized...gone... Really I think they needed stuff for their own games and stole mine....:) errr.... they even took stuff I earned.....but hey, they left my extra fertilizer bins... and wells and troughs....I guess they didn't need those, I first said...Zynga makes no sense...... wonder what they are smokin???? :)

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