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Tips to Succeed at the Fair

by Jennifer Huber - May 19, 2013 Star_s3,476 views

I don't know if this will help anyone, but I've got a "method" that has been working pretty well. I've at level 42, but I don't see where they wouldn't work for folks at any level. Some things I thought of myself, and others I've learned over the last two weeks. For what it's worth, here they are:

#1 - Plant one of your PRIZED long term crops(12 hours or more, but a 1 day crop is best) with ONLY the number of crops that you can harvest by farmhands. This guarantees you good points when harvesting and, depending on how much you play at least 2, if not 3, harvests with high points. (remember to go after requests for farm help from friends that will help you out and ALWAYS fertilize these crops)

#2 - PLAN your animals. Store all your prized animals and when purchasing, always go for those that produce the most fertilizer for the amount you can spend. Cochin chickens are great for this, as are certain goats and ALWAYS have the black Arabian horse, a few if you can. They're relatively cheap and produce 4 ferlizer per feeding until prized. Keep "un" prized animals on your farm (except for your Polish Silver Laced Chickens from rare eggs - they give you ferilizer even after being prized) so that you keep refreshing your fertilizer supply.

#3 - PLAN your water too.. I've got over 90 plots so I've got 6 wells. But, I've only been harvesting trees as I need them for quests, or my pine trees to make my fertilizer forks. Don't harvest and waste water on your trees unless ou need them.

#4 - Make sure you visit your neighbors that will give you prized crop points as often as they become available. And, go for the crops (if they have them) that YOU have prized - it will give you more points.

#5 - If you have one of your prized crops ready to harvest but have neighbors there ready to help... harvest your crop FIRST, before you have them help. If you need fertilizer, harvest, if you need water - let them water for you, if you're short on fertilizer, then water the plots they want to help on and they will fertilize for you.

As a rule, I plant two sections of my crop land with 28 plots each of the 1 day crops I have prized... one is Sunflower and the other Strawberries. When my farm hands become available - I use them to harvest those crops only. I usually can use farmhands twice a day... so each day I get two groups of plots that really up my points for the fair. I use the other plots to plant for quests, or for whatever I need, but I generally try to plant them with a prized crop.

Hope this helps someone...

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Velvet Reynolds Smith - May 29, 2013

my fair has been over for several weeks now. I have already sold the county fair

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