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Don't bother trying to raise foals in the "Nursery Barn" anymore as Zynga has changed the rules

by Patricia Stone - May 22, 2013 Star_s6,333 views

As of about a month ago, Zynga has changed the nursery barn so that it gives what they say is "random" adult horses when the foals grow up. Heres the problem with that statement.........every foal since the change has grown into an adult "black horse". As you all know that is about the least valuable horse on farmville. So it appears that Zynga is making sure the only way anyone playing gets any other adult horse is to as they say "spend the cash" literally. I emailed them about this problem and they responded. Any horse can be raised to an adult for "15 Farm Cash". So if you hope to have adult horses plan on spending real money to get them. Here is a list of the foals I have had turn into a "black horse", magical pegacorn, hawaiian foal, blue quarter horse, spring unicorn, cremello foal, cream draft. This is just the last few, and they all became "black horses". So generous of them don't you think.

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Connie Marie - Jun 13, 2013

I will not spend money on virtual horses. I lost alot of farm cash and a few times, it was because FV messed with me and changed the page as I was clicking on the freebie, they didn't give a crap. Even though I paid for the Farm Cash, they don't care.My nursery barn gives me foals, they have never turned into horses without farm cash. So, I will stick with my foals but, I am running out of room on my farm for anything.

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