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Celestial Pastures Farm

by Suzanne Williams Kunkle - Jun 11, 2013 Star_s297 views

Is this another farm?? and how are we to keep up with 10 or more farms and do all of the quests??

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Connie Marie - Jun 18, 2013

I try to master the crafts on the farms and master the farms to get the trees on my main farm. Once I finish the farm with what I want, I don't go there anymore. Except the first 4, I use the Lighthouse for all my extra animals and winter wonderland for all my extra trees and storage of my items. So, my other farms are mainly for storage. But, you don't have do any quests if you don't want. I only like the trees so, I don't care much for a quest once I get the tree. Otherwise I would be on it all day. Do whatever you want,.

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