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Clean up the FV snag options!

by Sue Brantley - May 26, 2013 Star_s3,690 views

How do we get GU to clean up the snagging options on the FV list? Some of those things, like "Big Picnic" are almost 2 years old! GU keeps adding new ones but doesn't delete the old useless ones. There is alot of unnecessary crap to wade through on the list and I, for one, would love to have it tidied up so I can get down to the things I really need NOW.

Does anyone else agree?

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Major Mike - Jul 07, 2013

I agree there are a lot of old stuff on there that shouldn't be (at least for me) but my thinking is they leave it there because new players might still need them. I am not sure if the staggered release of things by Zynga or the new players get a chance to play older quests that we have completed or whatnot, but if it true, then these old items are helpful to others, even if not us. However, things that are truly obsolete and no longer useful to anyone, yeah they should certainly be removed. The list is so long that every time I try to narrow my choices, I give up. I have recently been using the search to find the things I get in my box that I don't need and uncheck them, but still a big hassle.

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