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Timed Quest: Frozen Fun (8 missions)

by Alan Attebery - Aug 06, 2013 Star_s9,503 views


Is the hot weather on your farm getting to you? There is only one proven way to beat the heat: ice cream. Not only are there new ice cream recipes in our Kitchen to go along with the new Frozen Fun quest, but Barbara is going to help cool us down by showing us how to build the new Ice Cream Cart. The Cart will help you earn tickets you can use for some cool items to place on your farm. I don't know about you, but I think the temperature has dropped 10 degrees just thinking about this.

There are 8 missions in this quest and IT IS A TIMED one. You must be at least Level ?? to receive this quest. The expected end date is Tuesday, August 20.

See below for the requirements and rewards for the Frozen Fun quest as well as building, and operating, the Ice Cream Cart.



NOTE: Although the Frozen Fun quest will end on August 20, the associated Ice Cream Cart will not end until August 27.



Ice Cream Cart - Place
Ice Cream Cart - Place

Rewards: n/a


Ice Cream Cart - Materials
Ice Cream Cart - Materials
10 Candy Jars
10 Yellow Tablecloths
10 Ice Blocks

Rewards: n/a


Ice Cream Cart - Builders
Ice Cream Cart - Builders

Rewards: n/a



Ice Cream Cart - Tickets
Ice Cream Cart - Tickets

Rewards: Ice Cream Cone Balloon, Parlor Lamp Post, 5 Parlor Flower Boxes, Ice Cream Parlor Bar, Tyrol Gray Cow



Frozen Fun: 1 of 8 - Cool Fun!
Cool Fun!
Harvest 25 Wheat
Make 3 Pie Crusts
Feed 3 Goats

Rewards: 30 XP & 300 Coins


Frozen Fun: 2 of 8 - Sweet Beginning
Sweet Beginning
Collect 5 Ice Cream Aprons
Harvest 25 Boysenberries
Feed 3 Cows

Rewards: 35 XP & 350 Coins


Frozen Fun: 3 of 8 - A Bit Sticky
A Bit Sticky
Feed 2 Berry Sundeas (Ice Cream Cart)
Harvest 4 Olive Trees
Make 3 Plain Soaps

Rewards: 40 XP & 400 Coins


Frozen Fun: 4 of 8 - Baker's Choice
Baker's Choice
Collect 5 Paper Hats
Tend Chicken Coop 2 times
Make 3 Pies (your choice)

Rewards: 45 XP & 450 Coins


Frozen Fun: 5 of 8 - Today It's Sundae
Today It's Sundae
Harvest 10 Strawberries
Make 2 Chocolate Sundaes
Have an Ice Cream Cone Balloon (from Ice Cream Cart)

Rewards: 50 XP & 550 Coins


Frozen Fun: 6 of 8 - Keep Cool
Keep Cool
Feed 6 Rabbits
Feed 4 Horses
Make 2 Ornate Bells

Rewards: 70 XP & 650 Coins


Frozen Fun: 7 of 8 - Split It!
Split It!
Collect 5 Napkins
Harvest 4 Banana Trees
Make 2 Banana Splits

Rewards: 90 XP & 900 Coins


Frozen Fun: 8 of 8 - The Sweet Finish!
The Sweet Finish!
Make 3 Berry Sundaes
Make 3 Chocolate Sundaes
Have 5 Parlor Flower Boxes (from Ice Cream Cart)

Rewards: 120 XP & 1100 Coins

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Elizabeth Taylor - Aug 08, 2013

how do we know what we've made in the ice cream cart?
i just made a berry sundae, just to see if i could find it somewhere in my inventory, but it doesn't show up any where.
am i missing something here?
i'd like to know what my inventory is before i invite friends over & i can't find this info.
anyone else?
any thots?
thanx all! ;O

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