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Chefville acts slow

by Karen Dunn Bosso - Jun 11, 2013 Star_s473 views

What's wrong with my whole game? Everything is in slow motion and takes forever to click on it and load. Is it my problem or is it FB Chefville. It's such a problem, I'm not going to my game often because it's so frustrating.

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Marla Possberg - Aug 11, 2013

k so here is what I did.... google chrome has its own pepperflash. type about:plugins in the browser bar and click on the details top right corner it will probably show 2 shockwave players. adobe and chromes pepperflash. disable the pepperflash. if you do not have the adobe flashplayer go to and download it. Then go my computer click on c\; drive and program files/google/chrome/ application/ there will be a folder with pepperflash in it. I deleted that folder and chefville works like a dream now. also if you have shockwave player in the about:plugins scroll down and disable it also. Hope this helps because I am amazed how awesome my game is running! Mars

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