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Level 217 HELP!

by Sara Percy Opel - Aug 12, 2013 Star_s3,278 views

I can not figure out how to beat level 217! I can win the level but I never get enough keys. PLEASE HELP!

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Sara Percy Opel - Aug 19, 2013

I finally beat it! I used the +5, orb of wealth (800) and the 3 extra multipliers, orb of extra multipliers (550) options in the store. Then I used the rainbow ball, orb of spectrum ball (950) to get rid of the first spiders. Then I dropped the extra balls on the bottom with my next ball to clear the way for next rainbow ball for the next spiders (save any red ball). This should just leave some one ball on either side of the screen that are red and 5 balls in the middle with pandora box. use the lightning ball, orb of lightning (950) with the red ball and shoot it at one of the red balls on the side. then get rid of the rest that are holding up the pandora box. You may need to use the orb of alternate color (800) to do this!

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