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Several recipes that can help you make some Coins (updated September 16, 2013)

by Alan Attebery - Aug 18, 2013 Star_s26,098 views

One of the questions people are always asking in FarmVille 2 is, "How do I make some quick Coins?" This is often attached to a statement about trying to save up to buy one of the expansion plots.

The only real answer to that question is "patience." It simply takes time to build up the Coins needed to get each expansion. Especially if there are expensive items, like Wells, Water Troughs, and Swiss Cows, that you need to buy along the way. Even for those of us who are Level 70 or higher, the only real answer is, still, "patience." After all, if you could just get the Coins needed to buy an expansion with a snap of your fingers, then you, and everyone else, would be complaining about how the game is too easy to play and gives you no real challenge.

That said, there are recipes in the Crafting Kitchen and Crafting Workshop that can help you earn some decent Coins. It will still require patience on your part, however, as it could take between 100 and 300 "crafts," or more, of any one recipe below to earn 1 million Coins. Still, these recipes can help you earn some of that Coin you so desperately need.

Depending on how you play FarmVille 2, you will want to look at one of two things when it comes to a recipe: 1) The Total Coins/Power a recipe sells for; 2) The Net Coins/Power a recipe sells for.

What's the difference between the two? Total Coins/Power only takes into account the amount a recipe sells for divided by the number of Powers it takes to make the item. Players who focus on this number usually only make one or two final recipes and usually only grow crops that assist them in making those final recipes (outside of any quest items, that is). Many players who take this into account may also factor in how long it takes to grow the crops involved.

Net Coins/Power takes into account what the crops that go into the final recipe costs and subtracts it from what the recipe sells for (divided by the number of Powers it takes to make the item). Players who focus on this number usually grow a wide variety of crops and/or will often master all crops released. In addition, they will use the crops they have in their Inventory to make recipes and will usually sell their excess crop Inventory as a way to earn more Coins.

It is up to you to decide which process above to focus on. How often you get on your farm, your style of play, and your priorities (like a focus on XP) should all be taken into consideration when deciding what recipes to make.

I have listed several recipes below along with both their Total Coins/Power and Net Coins/Power (list is arranged based on Net Coins/Power). In some cases I have included any thoughts and opinions I have about that recipe. Not every recipe will be listed below.

If you believe there is a recipe people should consider making, feel free to make a case for that recipe in the comments below. If you have a question about a certain recipe, feel free to ask that as well.

NOTE: At the time of this post, I am at Level 77. As such, recipes that unlock at a higher level will not be considered for addition to this list until I get to that level, though other players may have posted information about such recipes in the comments below. Also, no recipes that require spending FV2 Bucks have been included.


As of February 10, 2014, this list is not complete. I will add more recipes to it once I've had a chance to work on them. Some of the recipes on the lower part of the list may be dropped off as well.


Heirloom Tropical Cupcake
Net Coins/Power = 4,246 --- Total Coins/Power = 5,557
Sells: 38,900 Coins / Costs: 9,176 Coins / Power: 7
Ingredients: 1 Heirloom Tropical Oatmeal + 2 Quinoa Flour
NOTES: You'll need four Sugars for each Tropical Cupcake you make, so you will be sending out a lot of Gift Requests. But the sheer Coins/Power return on this recipe may make that worth while. The only difference between this recipe and the normal Tropical Cupcake (Net Coins/Power = 1,580 --- Total Coins/Power = 2,779) recipe are the Heirloom Mangos.

Heirloom Banana Bread Oatmeal
Net Coins/Power = 3,904 --- Total Coins/Power = 4,278
Sells: 38,500 Coins / Costs: 3,364 Coins / Power: 9
Ingredients: 2 Oatmeal + 1 Heirloom Banana Cream
NOTES: You will need ten Sugars for each one you make, so the only reason to make this one instead of the Heirloom Tropical Cupcake above is if you don't want to plant Quinoa. The only difference between this recipe and the normal Banana Bread Oatmeal (Net Coins/Power =  1,819 --- Total Coins/Power = 2,139) are the Heirloom Bananas.

Heirloom Raspberry Limeade
Net Coins/Power = 3,042 --- Total Coins/Power = 5,960
Sells: 17,880 Coins / Costs: 8,754 Coins / Power: 3
Ingredients: 1 Heirloom Limeade + 10 Raspberry
NOTES: If there is one rule for which all players should live by, it's that you should NEVER leave unused Water on your farm. If you make the initial Heirloom Lime Water recipe whenever you have unused Water, you will have dozens of them in your Inventory before too long. At which point you can then convert them into this final recipe for a tremendous monetary profit. Just make sure you have enough Heirloom Lime Trees on your farm. The only difference between this recipe and the regular Raspberry Limeade (Net Coins/Power = 1,004 --- Total Coins/Power = 2,980) recipe are the Heirloom Limes.

Creamy Coleslaw
Net Coins/Power = 1,884 --- Total Coins/Power = 2,718
Sells: 13,590 Coins / Costs: 4,171 Coins / Power: 5
Ingredients: 1 Coleslaw + 1 Heavy Cream
NOTES: The Yeast and Rice requirements in the Vinegar means you won't be able to make a lot of this recipe. You will also need two Sugars, which means you will have to send out Gift Requests for two different ingredients in this recipe. Yet the recipe only lightly uses Cabbages and Peppers, meaning you could plant nothing but these items one day and not have to plant them again for at least a week, maybe longer.

Macaroni and Cheese
Net Coins/Power = 1,758 --- Total Coins/Power = 2,721
Sells: 21,770 Coins / Costs: 7,706 Coins / Power: 8
Ingredients: 1 Macaroni Noodle + 2 Cheese Sauce
NOTES: You need to craft four Truffle Oils for each Macaroni and Cheese recipe you make, which means you'll need 12 Flasks. If you choose this recipe, make sure you have enough friends to send out Gift Requests to.

Yerba Mate Tea
Net Coins/Power = 1,730 --- Total Coins/Power = 2,350
Sells: 2,350 Coins / Costs: 620 Coins / Power: 1
Ingredients: 10 Yerba Mate + 2 Water
NOTES: You should always use up any Water on your farm before you leave, and this is a good recipe to use it on. There is also a Yerba Mate Latte recipe that sells for 2,550 Coins, but it requires 8 Milk (Net Coins/Power = 1,126 --- Total Coins/Power = 2,550). This recipe will expire either March 3 or March 10.

Broccoli Stir-Fry
Net Coins/Power = 1,625 --- Total Coins/Power = 1,908
Sells: 9,540 Coins / Costs: 1,416 Coins / Power: 5
Ingredients: 8 Broccoli + 4 Broth
NOTES: Broth requires three Water to make. While that helps to keep the costs for this recipe low, it's also not a recipe you should focus on. Still, if you make Broth with your excess Water before leaving your farm, you could build up a large number of them over time and eventually use some in this recipe.

Heirloom Walnut Pinwheel
Net Coins/Power = 1,546 --- Total Coins/Power = 2,566
Sells: 17,960 Coins / Costs: 7,140 Coins / Power: 7
Ingredients: 2 Soy Batter + 4 Heirloom Walnut
NOTES: This recipe is a favorite among players who focus mostly on Total Coins/Power as the recipe is relatively easy to make and all of the ingredients can be harvested right off your farm. Just make sure you have enough Heirloom Walnut Trees on your farm.

Frosted Mint Cake
Net Coins/Power = 1,517 --- Total Coins/Power = 2,224
Sells: 15,570 Coins / Costs: 4,952 Coins / Power: 7
Ingredients: 1 Mint Cake + 2 Frosting
NOTES: Each Frosting requires one Sugar, so you'll need two Sugars for this recipe. Unless you are trying to use up the Mint in your Inventory, or prefer growing Mint over Oats, I would go with the Heirloom Tropical Cake instead. Even though it uses twice the Sugars, you get over twice the Coins/Power on it.

Pot Stickers
Net Coins/Power = 1,395 --- Total Coins/Power = 2,335
Sells: 9,340 Coins / Costs: 3,760 Coins / Power: 4
Ingredients: 3 Rice Flour + 10 Water Chestnut
NOTES: Everything in this recipe has to be grown in the River and run through the Crop Dryer. If you have excess of the ingredients already, go for it. Otherwise, find something else.

Egg Roll
Net Coins/Power = 1,124 --- Total Coins/Power = 2,474
Sells: 19,790 Coins / Costs: 10,801 Coins / Power: 8
Ingredients: 2 Rice Paper + 1 Cabbage Salad
NOTES: This recipe is a mess to make. Especially when you consider that one of the ingredients needed is Rice, something that has to grow in the River and run through the Crop Dryer.

Water Chestnut Cake
Net Coins/Power = 1,036 --- Total Coins/Power = 1,503
Sells: 10,520 Coins / Costs: 3,268 Coins / Power: 7
Ingredients: 10 Water Chestnut + 3 Batter
NOTES: This recipe make the 1,000 Net Coins/Power cutoff, but just barely. It's really not worth your time or effort. Use the ingredients elsewhere.

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Maria Block - Aug 20, 2013

My trick may not work for everyone, but recently I stopped making recipes all together and just grow cabbage. When I took into account the water and fertilizer that it takes to grow the ingredients for the recipes it is more profitable to grow cabbage if your level allows it. I don't just plant it and wait for 24 hours. I use friends and farm hands. I make sure that I plant, water and fertilize each crop and only use the help to speed grow. For each fertilized plot you collect 2 cabbages which sell for 515 coins each. When I run out of water and/fertilizer but have more friends on my farm I just let them hang out until I can plant and water more cabbage.

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