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The Dock, Buffalo Brook, The Riverside & The Far Shore??

by Kellie Hopstein - Aug 21, 2013 Star_s8,047 views

Got the video again when opening FarmVille: got excited but this is all I got:

I obviosuly cannot figure out how to put a pic on here so the pics says: "Expand early and get an exclusive Albino Water Buffalo and New water decorations (Leisurely Liner and 5 Cattail Bouquets) for 133 Farm Bucks"


Really?? FINALLY a new expansion? Anyone else see this????


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Robert Fairmont - Aug 22, 2013

My guess is that these new slots wiil be on sale for 100 fv dollars (each slot) for 3-6 months before they can be bought for coins. Too bad,,,because I am rapidly losing interest in this game without available expansions for coins.

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