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level 147 so hard

by Kathleen Elizabeth Thomas - Jan 10, 2013 Star_s834,997 views

147 so hard any advice???

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- Aug 29, 2013

I have, like a lot of fellow players, been stuck on this level for a longer period than I care to think about, and finally today it was over. I did not do a search on tips on this level until I was done with it, but I was certain a lot of you must have found this level highly infuriating. So, I decided I was going to pitch in my two cents on the matter.
First of all, I started using the restart trick. When you start a level but dont like the initial layout of the candy, before making ANY move, just exit and restart. This will not make you lose any lives. Cheesy, but it works.
The middle coloumn is key. Not only because of the bombs, but it makes it easier to get striped, wrapped and brown sprinkly candy.
Watch your surroundings. Often I found myself deeply concentraded on a specific area, and suddenly a bomb was ticking with only a few turns left. Its better to lose one turn to get rid of them as soon as possible than to lose the game because you see what looks like a better option further down the level.
Apart from that, the obvious tips to combine striped and brown or any other combos are essential on this level. As I said, I got finished with this level today, and I started the level with no bonus and no extra moves from friends, so it is possible, just very hard.
Just a heads up, the next level is not nearly as difficult, so hang in there.

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