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how do i get truffles and macadamia nuts?

by Vardhini Manivannan - Feb 10, 2013 Star_s1,738 views

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Dee Fagan - Sep 25, 2013

If you click the trophy icon on the lower left that is beside your gift box, you can click a tab at the top that is related to anything you are trying to make and click the blue i, and it should tell you what to do to get the things you need. Example: If you want to make truffles, click the blue i, and it will tell you the different dogs that make truffles (I know, pigs should make truffles). Macadamia nuts come from the kangaroo habitat. You can find the information under the tab with the sheep. The jewels for your jewelry machine come from different pegacorns, & pegasus thingies. If you want to pay RC to play the games in the tent, you can win one by playing the Duck Shooting game. The first time it's free. The other three times will cost you 10 RC each. I'm not sure if you win a duck token each time because I only played the one time when it was free. You can also get some of the pegasus' (?) by clicking the Farm Club barn at the upper edge of your farm and using a lot of RC to buy them.

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