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The future of this "Criminal Case" is rather bleak if the energy replenishing stays this slow

by Bob Trieger - Jan 01, 2013 Star_s21,360 views

I'm willing to bet that 90% or more don't bother to finish the 2nd case.

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Alan Adams - Oct 05, 2013

I enjoy playing the game, even with the energy wait. But I don't like how the max is 110 energy and it never increases with levels. It stays the same throughout the game. I believe that that the max energy should increase every few levels.

I also don't like the fact that facebook gets games that require friends to play. One game I played on here (some witch bubble game thing), I found on google games. That one also requires friends to play, I think if I found a facebook game that didn't require other friends to play, I would play that over any game on facebook.

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