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Zynga *might* be watching us! (Litterally, using code.)

by Christin Surreal Martell - Oct 18, 2013 Star_s5,748 views

How do I know this? Well, I don't know this, persay, but I am making a pretty good "guesstimation" based on previous "happenings" that occured before the mass temporary suspensions handed out earlier this year. What I JUST found on my farm was the BIGGEST and most well know "glitch" (or so we thought) that was occuring...

If you don't know him (can't imagine who doesn't), here is Mr. Bob Fisher:



What's weird about this? Well... He's just there. I mouse over him and NOTHING! There's no "Here for 8 hours" or anything. He doesn't move. NOTHING! This is EXACTLY what happened to myself, as well as many others, before the Temp Suspensions happened. Many know Zynga is on their "warpath" again. Ugh...

So, put down the CEs, chill out on the "hacks", whatever you use... call a time out. Because THIS is how they watch us, LITTERALLY, by using code (source: IT / network / systems experience). They track what we do exactly. We all know it only takes using something ONE TIME, and if their "Little Spy" happens to be there... BAM!

Keep an eye out for him. They're sneaky, too. He's usually hidden in trees / orchards. Not this time for me, I found ya! HA!

Good Luck and Happy Farming!

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Maria Block - Oct 20, 2013

I'm not sure if this is an explanation, but here is what I noticed about Bob Fisher. I usually play FV2 on . most of my farm hands are from friends/neighbors. Never have seen Bob Fisher here. Occasionally I will go on Facebook into the game and all my farm hands that are sitting on the hay bales have now become Bob Fisher. I'm guessing this is because I'm not friends with them on Facebook, but as far as game play goes the farm hands are there waiting to help and when I switch to facebook the game substitutes the Bob Fisher character for any zynga friends who are not my Facebook friends. That's what I noticed was happening, as I sometimes will have 8 Bob Fishers sitting on the hay bales.

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