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Royal Story mass-banning Players

by Alice Walter - Oct 02, 2013 Star_s1,698 views

Beware if you are a GU-member and also play Royal Story. According to their policy we all might be "cheaters". Their company decided to go on a big witchhunt for "3rd party software" including even bonus collectors!!

First they ban the players then you get emails like the below - it seems there are hundreds of cases already :-(.

----------- Email from FunPlus Support

I'm sorry, but the system is clearly indicating that you have used some sort of software to cheat in our game. It may have been a bonus collector or some 3rd party software, but either way this is these are not allowed in our game. The only option is to have your account reset back to level 1. If you accept this, then I can go ahead and un-ban and reset your account.

RS Admin

Or this is another Email:


Are they insane? Does this company, FunPlus, want to lose all their players? I think so ... they even ban people who spent lots of money on the game just for using any automation.

The worst thing is they ask players to turn in other players for cheating in their emails! Sending them this questionaire also asking for screenshots in groups:

---------------- Email from FunPlus Support
Currently please help us investigate the issue, by answering the following questions.

1) Do you use any software or bot to cheat? If you do, how does it works exactly?
2) From where or how you downloaded it, can you please provide us the working link if possible?
3) How did you find out about the cheat, and how long have you been using it?
4) Do you know other players who are using it?
5) Anything else you could tell us that might help us against cheating in our game?


I can't support this and think it needs to be brought to all their player's attention. Zynga or any other company I know of did never go on a witchhunt including making their own players to spy and screenshot each other. Temporarily many players - banned and unbanned - also changed their profile pic to a No-FunPlus Sign already for this reason.

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Rae Hall - Oct 27, 2013

None of these incidents cite the reason is because of GU. I have yet to see anyone banned because of GU. 

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