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Matchbooks for Crafting

by Karen L. Davies - Oct 29, 2013 Star_s19 views

This is a limited time crafting item (used for Turbos) and no place on the preferences listings show it. I've looked at 'my feeds' several times through the day but since it only shows an hour or so of posts I keep missing them to report as snaggable. Is this because it's a limited time crafting ingredient? We have to post our begs for them, and need 6 per craft. I think only 2 days remain for this item.

I tick the 'snag anything not on preferences' but they never show up except in the 'help neighbors' section. When I go to the post it says I've already claimed it but they never show in my craftshop or giftbox.

Can this be added for the remaining time they're needed or are we stuck having to comb people's walls?

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Karen L. Davies - Oct 30, 2013

Thanks for your quick reply, Rae. As to the well parts, these are bushels that can be planted, just like any other crop whereas the match books (which will soon be history since the ability to craft the turbos expires within the next few hours) were only attained by posting requests. Hopefully, these new crops can be added to the bushel listing with the older ones and we won't have to strain our eyes to find them in the feeds.

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