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What's the trick on level 76?

by June Crow - Mar 03, 2013 Star_s916,777 views

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Dens Chong - Nov 11, 2013

When I first encountered a level like this one - I don't remember which is the first - I thought the candies moved in a strange way, and that the graphics seemed different. When I looked closer, I noticed that the 3 sections were connected through portals. Look closely:
1. Left top: Has interconnecting portal on top, and very hard to see down arrows at the bottom. [Bottom section]
2. Left bottom: Nothing at the top, but has interconnecting portal at the bottom. [Top section]
3. Right: Has interconnecting portals at the top and bottom. [Middle section]

Look at it until you understand it! Once you understand the flow of this level, the rest is easy:
-Try to sort out the candies for the Bottom section first, if cannot, then make a horizontal striped candy (vertical 4-in-a-row candies needed) so that you can hit the Bottom section at the left.
-Create a vertical candy in the middle section where you have an ingredient so that you can quickly move it down.
Good luck! If you ever need a guide to help you through Candy Crush, check out the one here:

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