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How is this possible??

by Mulan Yüan - Nov 01, 2013 Star_s2,858 views

Is this a glitch?

Its only been one day since the country fair... o.0

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Tiffiny Shaw - Dec 05, 2013

@Marten River - I've got the same experience as BettyAnn Botha, about 1 in 15 of my fertilized crops will be prized. One thing you can try, is visiting neighbours, who fertilize their crops, helping them to harvest their fertilized crops (especially groves) often rewards you with prized crops. (note, smart neighbours will see which plots you're helping with, and will harvest before accepting your help, at which point, when they accept your help, will water their groves/crops... or if they harvest, water and fertilize, then your help will speedgrow their groves/crops)

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