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Atlantis Adventure

Atlantis Adventure is an exciting "match-3" game. Complete a variety of levels and help the character to overcome all obstacles!


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Pin Welcome to the Gamers Unite! Atlantis Adventure forum! - If you're looking for friends to play, plea...
Kixie Lam-Jek shared Oct 14, 2013
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Question-white Atlantis Adventure Level 117 - Need help with Level 117 seems like I have been stuck forever
Barb Kueper asked • Last reply Mar 13, 2014 by Angela Marshall
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Question-white Help with Level 127 in Atlantis Adventure - I'm on level 127 in Atlantis Adventure. I've played quit...
Barbi Reed asked • Last reply Apr 11, 2014 by
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Light-bulb LEVEL 117 Atlantis Adventure ((Please help)) - The answers I have seen on this forum aren't the sam...
Angela Marshall shared • Last reply Nov 05, 2014 by
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Light-bulb Can anyone please help me? - Does anyone know how to beat level 117 on Atlantis Adventure? Been stuc...
Christie Lynch shared • Last reply Mar 13, 2014 by Angela Marshall
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Question-white Crystal of Death Level 229 - Ideas as to how to get past this? I thought I needed to put a fire cry...
Tami Kelchen asked • Last reply Dec 29, 2014 by
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Light-bulb Atlantis Adventure Level 5, Level 6 Level 7 gives you a touch on the idea of the game - Yet another ...
Mainewil Peetra shared • Last reply Oct 15, 2013 by Rae Hall
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Light-bulb help with level 31!! - I am signed in on my android tablet to play AA. I am on level 31 and the le...
Patti L. McCurley Sandbek shared Jan 02, 2015
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Question-white How do i use the power up or the tools to the side. I cant figuer it out -
Pat Holland asked • Last reply Dec 23, 2014 by Tami Kelchen
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Question-white Need help on level 56 - I'm stuckand I have no power-ups. I need help !
Mitch Weiner asked Apr 13, 2014
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Light-bulb Need more coins - Does anyone know how to get more coins other then buying them? Level 113 is imposs...
Victoria L Reed shared Sep 06, 2014
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Light-bulb help with level 171 - I am stuck on level 171. I can't figure it out! Does anyone know the trick???
Rene Laigo shared Mar 08, 2014
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