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Backyard Monsters

Build an empire, hatch powerful monsters and bathe in enemy blood in the most popular real-time strategy game on Facebook!


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Pin Welcome to the Gamers Unite! Backyard Monsters forum! - If you're looking for friends to play, pleas...
Kixie Lam-Jek shared Dec 19, 2010
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Light-bulb Some tips, tricks and cheats in Backyard Monsters - These should make it a lot easier to build a str...
Evan Hutchinson shared • Last reply Mar 09, 2012 by
21,786 6
Question-white No more mushrooms - Hi I'm beginning to get desprate on getting more shiny since there are no more m...
Joshua Villalobos asked • Last reply Apr 28, 2012 by John Dale Buatag
7,475 12
Question-white null the destroyer - does anyone know someone or something called null? have you been attacked my hi...
David Isidor asked • Last reply Jun 14, 2013 by Gyll Alexine De Castro
5,669 44
Light-bulb backyard monsters glitch or bug? - ok i have found something on monsters not sure if anyone else kno...
Bruce Sinkler shared • Last reply Aug 25, 2013 by Edward Quint
5,397 8
Question-white shiny shiny shiny - does any one know how to  get easy shiny without hacking
Nicholas McCord asked • Last reply Jan 06, 2013 by Ezekiel Castillejo Salazar
4,023 9
Light-bulb how to make your yard better !! -
Thomas Paahi shared • Last reply Apr 14, 2012 by Angel Locsin
3,101 4
Light-bulb not in list but can attack me - i have being attacked by people who are not in my list or even in my...
Landa Yoke shared • Last reply May 07, 2012 by Goodwin Lu
2,455 5
Question-white I can't attack my friend's enemy. - There's a dude who attacked my bestfriend and I really want to g...
Catt R. Villamayor asked Oct 11, 2010
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Light-bulb breaking wood box - if your worker is between 4 wood boxes you could get him to do mushrooms upgrad ...
Christopher Vurno shared • Last reply Apr 14, 2012 by Angel Locsin
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Light-bulb This game is FUN! - It reminds me of Red Alert. Can't wait until they get more interactive features...
Kim Westfall shared May 02, 2010
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Question-white How to get unlimited resorce and shiny? -
Robert Tan asked • Last reply Dec 29, 2011 by James Scotney
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