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Pin Welcome to the Gamers Unite! Battle Pirates forum! - If you're looking for friends to play, please u...
Kixie Lam-Jek shared • Last reply Jun 09, 2013 by El Wilcox
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Light-bulb Tips and Tricks - This is a space for people to post tips for battle pirates I found there were no o...
Connor May shared • Last reply May 28, 2018 by Retro Gaming God
66,246 16
Light-bulb How do you control all 5 boats at one time during a battle? - I was attacked by a fleet of SW and th...
Randy Benton shared • Last reply May 13, 2013 by El Wilcox
17,754 10
Light-bulb Can I move my base? - I'm in 325, my friends are in 199. Is it possible to move my base or am I jus...
Dane Stewart shared • Last reply Mar 30, 2013 by Sebastian Anthony Lupi Jr.
12,793 6
Light-bulb A Good Base Design - If you want a good base design its a good idea to start with making a channel (...
Cory Gibson shared • Last reply Jun 09, 2013 by El Wilcox
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Light-bulb Easy Controls 6 Day protection! Join Battle Pirates now! - This is probably the best game i have pla...
John Boychuk shared Apr 29, 2011
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Light-bulb Blueprints and cargo - Drac ship levels New Drac Salvage Information Lev 3: 45K - 55K (3x...
Tales Home shared Mar 01, 2013
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Light-bulb heres a trick you might have not thought of - A trick I use to protect resources?? use what I call '...
Doug Girard shared Jul 14, 2012
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Light-bulb how do i control my subs - hey ....can anyone tell me how/if you can control subs from surfacing. i ...
Tom Baker shared • Last reply Jul 31, 2012 by Fred Meredith
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Light-bulb Useful Kixeye Battle Pirates Tips - Tip #4: Only 1 Bombard Salvo is fired at each Mortar, so on aver...
El Wilcox shared • Last reply Jan 05, 2013 by Cult Genetics
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Light-bulb Cargo's = Blue Prints - Can anyone tell me where I can find out which bp's come in which lvl cargo's?
Brad Humphrey shared • Last reply Aug 18, 2013 by Talha Ansari
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Question-white allies and talking to other players secretly - how do you become an allie and how do you speak to a ...
Daran Smeds Smith asked • Last reply Aug 16, 2012 by Sebastian Anthony Lupi Jr.
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