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Light-bulb high tech bike unlock? - ive created multiple games with Facebook friends yet I can't unlock the hig...
Antoine Bonneau shared • Last reply Oct 10, 2018 by angela davidson
1,350 2
Light-bulb fusing items n garage - How do I fuse items n the garage
shared • Last reply Nov 19, 2016 by Jinat Afsana
1,282 2
Light-bulb I need to beat a police bike - To get a hog bike I need to beat a police bike, I f you also need to ...
Tomek Starosta shared • Last reply Nov 19, 2016 by Jinat Afsana
1,237 11
Light-bulb need the the silver N hog bike PLEASEEEE - i NEED 7 WINS IN A ROW SO CN u pls use ur bikes which are...
Aashirwad Sethi shared • Last reply Feb 02, 2013 by Christian Hatfield
1,111 2
Question-white Can't get ghost bike -
Tanner Staggs asked • Last reply Feb 05, 2013 by Tanner Staggs
1,034 1
Light-bulb Hog Bike unlock help - Someone help me I need to beat someone with a ninja bike
Sishir Jayanthi shared • Last reply Dec 25, 2014 by Looch Corpora-Ellis
1,040 2
Question-white how do i boost during a race? -
Brian Fouse asked • Last reply Nov 19, 2016 by Jinat Afsana
991 1
Light-bulb Bike race bike mods & backgrounds - I've got a custom Super Bike and background that has an ape and ...
James Pozani shared • Last reply Aug 07, 2013 by Austin Huson
773 3
Light-bulb If you need hog bike and other stuff - I have the police bike and every bike besides the ghost bike ...
Jose Marrero shared • Last reply Jun 21, 2016 by John Mann
802 36
Question-white HELP ME PLEASE!!! - iam trying to get the chopper bike and i need to beat a super bike and a police ...
Evan Poorbaugh asked • Last reply Nov 19, 2016 by Jinat Afsana
875 3
Light-bulb For those who need help in the hog or silver bike! I will loose for you! - For those who want the ho...
Nebur Jaimito shared • Last reply Sep 07, 2013 by Davor Mrva Dakić
617 2
Question-white Gifting a track - How to you gift a track to a friend?
Anthony Cosentini asked • Last reply Nov 19, 2016 by Jinat Afsana
624 1
Light-bulb I need to beat a ninja bike - Help me please I need to beat a ninja bike if u can help me add on fac...
Borja González Manzano shared Feb 07, 2013
543 -1
Light-bulb In need help whit ghost bike need 9 more fb players pls help - I need help can 9 players pls help me...
Julian Bertels shared Nov 23, 2015
517 -1
Question-white I won 4 consecutive games on the last life. It says I didn't and I can't get the zombie bike?
Daniel Pert asked Aug 21, 2014
500 0
Light-bulb I want Phantom bike Thunder Phantom - I already have the ultra bike but I want the thunder phantom ...
Bianca Garrett shared • Last reply Jun 12, 2017 by D. Maddox Bryant
476 1
Light-bulb back on Kindle Fire - yeah... bike race finally on Kindle Fire. 99 cents tho. it's not free :( h...
Shawn Comer shared Feb 02, 2013
448 0
Light-bulb Need to win 7 times in a row - I need to win 7 times in a row for the silver bike, please help me ou...
Jon Smith shared • Last reply Jan 30, 2013 by Ramiel Chamaki Silva
441 2
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