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Pin Welcome to the Gamers Unite! Boule & Bill forum! - If you're looking for friends to play, please...
Kixie Lam-Jek shared Jan 22, 2014
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Boule (bread) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Boule, from the French for "ball", is a traditional shape of French bread, resembling a squashed ball. It is a rustic loaf shape that can be made of any type of flour.

Boules - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Boules (French pronunciation: ​[bul]) is a collective name for a wide range of games in which the objective is to throw or roll heavy balls (called boules in France ...

Boule (ancient Greece) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

In cities of ancient Greece, the boule was a council of citizens appointed to run daily affairs of the city. Originally a council of nobles advising a king, boulai ...


Dec 18, 2009 ... The Boule, (an acronym for Sigma Pi Phi) and pronounced "boo-lay"), was formed to bring together a select group of educated Black men and ...

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Jan 31

Holdings: Boule de suif et autres nouvelles - Tripod

Boule de suif et autres nouvelles. La guerre de 1870, vue au travers d'histoires individuelles et singulières, souvent anecdotiques, toujours en marge de la "grande histoire". Saved in: ...

Oct 10

Cherry YW Sourdough Italian Boule with Apricots, Seeds ...

She also shaped this one as a boule and the last one was a wreath. She also put all the poppy and sesame seeds inside this one instead of having some on the out side like the wreath, But everything else was nearly the ...

Oct 3

Simple Country Boule with seeds | The Fresh Loaf

Not much to say about this one. Tasty and didn't last through the evening.

Sep 29

GONG DE FIN – La Boule de « Fort Boyard » est mort | Big ...

Avec le Père Fouras et son compère Passe-partout, il était l'un des homme-phare de « Fort Boyard », le célèbre jeu estival de France 2. Yves Marchesseau, plus connu sous le nom de « La Boule » est mort à Saintes ...