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Pin Welcome to the Gamers Unite! Buggle forum! - If you're looking for friends to play, please use the "...
Kixie Lam-Jek shared May 02, 2012
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Question-white How do I use coins? - I am seeing all sorts of questions here but no one ever replies....why? Need t...
Ellen Bruso asked Mar 16, 2019
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Light-bulb what are the coins for -
Julie Prince shared • Last reply Jan 28, 2016 by Patricia Martinez
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Question-white Help.... stuck on level 58 - how can I get past level 58,,,, its drivin me nuts
Jon Cross asked Jul 21, 2012
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Light-bulb Please Help!!! I've been stuck on level 59 for days.... I can't get rid of the black bubbles. a...
Roxy Bannerman shared Aug 05, 2012
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Light-bulb Am stuck on level 153 - am stuck on level 153 can anyone help...........
Joanne Baird shared • Last reply Nov 29, 2012 by Carlos M. Vargas
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Question-white Add me to Buggle - I need keys to move to the next level.
Debbie Rose-Ziroli asked • Last reply Jun 05, 2014 by Dawn O'Malley
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Light-bulb Not receiving keys - How can I get keys since I am not receiving from friends when requested?
Dagmar Capps-Reed shared • Last reply Aug 25, 2016 by Joe Aguado
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Question-white change bubble color - how do i change the bubble color in the cannon?
Ann Brady asked • Last reply Oct 06, 2014 by
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Question-white passing to level 26 - Hi, cannot seem to get to level 26, have a star for level 25 and it won't l...
Eveline Doiron asked Dec 03, 2012
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Question-white How To Earn Honey - how do I earn honey I have been playing a long time and only got 10 and never ha...
ashanti reese asked Oct 11, 2016
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Light-bulb Help with level 22 - I've been stuck on 22 could someone help me?
Carla McClure shared Oct 31, 2012
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