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Got a craving for a cupcake? Play Cafe Life and you can make delicious desserts, drinks, and fulfill your dreams of running your very own dessert cafe!


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Question-white i need cafe life friends plz add me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - add plz
Felicia Dawson asked • Last reply Oct 22, 2013 by Emily Hayes
622 7
Light-bulb just a few hints for beginners - when you are sent gifts from friends, hold onto some of them, so w...
Alienslilsis Nikkiandstewie Askmelol shared May 21, 2011
631 0
Light-bulb XP gains for baking cakes and serving - right, ive been playing this for a while now, and ive got a ...
Alienslilsis Nikkiandstewie Askmelol shared Nov 29, 2011
650 0
Light-bulb Need help with Quests/Referrals - Not many of the neighbors I have now are helping me with recommend...
Berenice Medina Jauregui shared • Last reply Jan 30, 2012 by Rebecca Mckee
351 1
Light-bulb Snag bar to Cafe Life? - Hey, sorry for asking this but can you get a snag bar to Cafe Life too?
Emma Eriica shared • Last reply Dec 28, 2011 by Patricia Handy
424 3
Light-bulb level 13 yay - today i got to level 13 and i had a quest i had to take pics for 100 exp points and i...
Maiha Storr shared Nov 09, 2010
376 0
Light-bulb i like the game but i need more friends.... - please add me...
Joann Carrion Fonseca shared Sep 27, 2010
252 0
Question-white Gifts to Send/Request - When is this site going to offer Send/Request Gifts for Cafe Life?
Holly Hood Skeens asked Sep 21, 2010
313 0
Light-bulb Not recieving Gifts or bonuses -   This game is really getting ridiculious. For 8 mths i tried to lo...
Stacy Lynn Oba shared Jan 22, 2011
259 0
Question-white Easter Quest, Please help! - i don't understand trhe easter quest! how do i do it??
Kalee Chapman asked May 22, 2011
172 0
Light-bulb Welcome to Munchables @ Kelli's Cafe! Lot's of goodies to choose from! All are encouraged to stop...
Kelli Smith shared Sep 11, 2010
176 0
Light-bulb love this game - ......................i love cafe life plz try this game it's awful
Mikhaela Javier shared Nov 16, 2010
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