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Build your own cafe, diner or restaurant! Be the best chef in the kitchen & keep customers happy by cooking delicious dishes!


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Pin Welcome to the Gamers Unite! CAFELAND forum! - If you're looking for friends to play, please use the...
Kixie Lam-Jek shared • Last reply Jun 12, 2018 by joe lindsey
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Light-bulb Ahoj jak se mate lidicy - Bonus bonus cafelan jak na to
Nikola Mikova shared Jun 16, 2019
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Light-bulb Cafeland event task inviting celebrities. - Does anyone here can give me tips in inviting celebriti...
Night Fury Dragon shared • Last reply Apr 12, 2019 by Knowledge Is Power
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Light-bulb Celebrities want desserts? - How do I know what dessert a celebrity wants? I always have something d...
Erin Claeys shared • Last reply Dec 23, 2018 by pauline wallace
38,096 14
Light-bulb Celebrities favourite food - Does anyone know what carolyn sunroe favourite dishes are please
Teresa Sargent shared • Last reply Jan 06, 2019 by tommie yutzy
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Question-white Fastest way to level up - What's the fastest way to level up? Tips are welcome too.
Blur More asked • Last reply Dec 23, 2018 by pauline wallace
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Question-white how do i get the "cl" cards?? - hello i am very new to the game and i need to build the radio. how d...
Melina Marie asked • Last reply Jun 26, 2018 by paula wendt
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Light-bulb Free 50.000 Cash and Hearts on Cafeland - Hello and Welcome to my post. I find a trick fro...
Flavius Parere shared • Last reply Jun 06, 2018 by tina grogan
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Light-bulb Celebrity cafe man and carolyn Favorit dishes - What favorit dhises cafeman and carolyn at level 26?...
ristian swari shared • Last reply Jun 26, 2018 by temeka liles
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Light-bulb i need to no how to get more stoves - please can you tell me how to get more cooker on cafe land i ...
Shelly Burns shared • Last reply Jun 26, 2018 by paula wendt
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Light-bulb The expanding cards - How do you get them i need to expand for a quest and only have 1 out of 2 card...
Leeann Austin shared • Last reply Jan 31, 2018 by darron campos
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Light-bulb Kimberly Dash favorite dish!? - What is Kimberly Dash favorite dish? I'm on level 31 and still can't...
Shawanda Jackson shared • Last reply Dec 23, 2018 by pauline wallace
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