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Question-white I'm new to Cafeland and here is my problem that I have. - I play Cafeland through facebook and the ...
Jessica Patti asked • Last reply Jun 26, 2018 by temeka liles
1,344 5
Light-bulb How to earn cash in cafeland - How to earn cash in cafeland
Praneetha Panthagani shared • Last reply Jun 26, 2018 by paula wendt
1,261 2
Light-bulb What celebrities give out pink cards? - I haven't gotten a single pink card and I'm a level 26. I've...
Jessica Brandenburg shared • Last reply Jun 26, 2018 by paula wendt
1,201 4
Question-white Cleaning the floor... - Would there be any way to encourage dirty floors? Ao many quests require cle...
Maryellen Spirko asked • Last reply May 05, 2015 by
1,161 2
Light-bulb play cafeland looking for neighbours - I have deleted a XXX “add me” thread or post made by you on...
Casey Richardson shared Mar 08, 2012
973 0
Light-bulb How to sell dishes on online order machine?? -
ruby pajaroja shared • Last reply Jun 26, 2018 by paula wendt
1,128 1
Light-bulb Does anyone know the favorite dish of forceful lady?? -
MARIELL G. Thomas shared Jun 20, 2017
1,012 0
Light-bulb looking for tips or cheats pls help -
Cora Outlaw shared Oct 22, 2014
984 1
Light-bulb how to i get more hearts ? -
Hema Hasini shared Jun 18, 2014
885 1
Light-bulb How to delete/remove building boxes - I have accidentally got 2 of the same items to build... Ho...
Kristen Arnott shared • Last reply Jul 12, 2018 by Christopher Kent
888 1
Light-bulb Need help with CL - I just started playing this game. I want to know how do I get CL things.. please...
K Vaja shared • Last reply Mar 10, 2017 by Lanette Hightower
826 1
Light-bulb Petition: Help return Cafeland back to the way it was!!! - I do not want neighbors. I want everyone...
Jim McConnell shared • Last reply May 03, 2014 by Antonami Byebye
749 3
Question-white Cafeland made the mistake Why should I be punished - Some thing just happened to me on cafeland has ...
Diane Sledmore asked • Last reply Sep 10, 2014 by Aba Babon
607 2
Light-bulb Could you please start selling Vouchers - Could we please start buying vouchers with cash? They are ...
Mavis T shared • Last reply Jun 05, 2017 by Hasmah Rasman
622 1
Question-white I keep winning sticker packets in free spins but don’t see them in my inventory. - What are they....
Mark Nass asked • Last reply Jun 26, 2018 by paula wendt
538 2
Light-bulb The one celberity who's supposed to be Marilyn monroe - She likes the chocalte chip cookies
Audessa Perez shared Jun 18, 2017
504 0
Light-bulb Hearts and neighbors :D - Needing to know how to get more hearts and understand how I can earn them ...
Melody Davis shared Nov 02, 2014
434 1
Light-bulb I need some more people to help me, i will do the same in return. However many i get, i will retu...
Michael Schaumburg shared • Last reply Jun 17, 2015 by Christina “Bo Bo” Tompkins
333 14
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