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Light-bulb i need coins please? - Hi I need more cafeland coins to buy more stoves so my popularity will be hig...
shared • Last reply Mar 13, 2015 by Teresa Douglas
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Light-bulb cafeland you to add as a friend. - cafeland you to add as a friend.
Cinar Ali shared Feb 05, 2013
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Light-bulb one click dishes - can you cook the same dish on multiple stoves with one click?
Paf Davis shared • Last reply Feb 26, 2015 by Teresa Douglas
316 1
Question-white I cant see my Cafeland Photos - i can take my cafe photos but i cant see them later.. there isnt any...
Oya Durgut asked Mar 07, 2012
291 1
Question-white missing items slad bar and rookie chef award - how can get my missing items?the salad bar fresh vege...
Neil Francis Nerona asked May 19, 2014
260 1
Light-bulb what is the fast way to cook - to fast cook
Gm Luison shared Jul 03, 2015
286 0
Light-bulb cafeland and marketland group - If anyone would ...
weißhäupl peter shared Jan 20, 2016
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Light-bulb auto server for cafeland - hi all i want is to be able to serve gifts ..i have 1000s of gifts but th...
Fąƈebook Seƈurìƚy shared Feb 13, 2015
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Question-white please help me. - i won something called a george crowney? can someone message me and tell me what t...
Doris Black asked • Last reply Sep 18, 2012 by Liliana Batista
240 2
Question-white How do I find new friends? -
Karla Voigt asked • Last reply Nov 16, 2017 by brianna and braelynn age 6 and 8
240 1
Question-white How do I get my free food gifts? -
Sheran Shrawder asked Jul 17, 2017
226 0
Light-bulb Looking for Learning - Hey Peeps, I'm looking for a way to learn How to play without cheats. Tryi...
Don German shared • Last reply Aug 06, 2014 by Don German
208 2
Question-white Cafeland and ,marketland will not load...was fine before thursday - I cant and havent been able to l...
asked Feb 04, 2015
199 0
Question-white is there a way to get free spices? - is there a way to get free spices
Laura Duncan asked May 18, 2015
204 0
Question-white Moving Furniture and Things - I have forgotten how to do it and see nothing for moving things.
asked Apr 10, 2015
190 0
Light-bulb How to put back all your cafe things to inventory at once? - I want to redecorate my cafe, it's very...
Mary Jean Valdez shared • Last reply Jun 26, 2018 by paula wendt
183 1
Light-bulb Help With Getting Salad Bar - It told me I unlocked the salad bar, however I do not know how to get ...
Lily Gail shared • Last reply Jul 20, 2015 by omar abdelwahab
173 1
Question-white collecting things from famous people - when i collect tips andf a famous person comes to my cafe and...
asked Apr 15, 2015
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