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Question-white help with bonus - What is the deal that put a c on special candies and when you use them in 3 or mor...
asked • Last reply a week ago by
68 1
Light-bulb stuck on level 140 - Does anyone have any hints on level 140? i've tried the multi colored ball many...
Rose Truong Hanaki shared • Last reply May 08, 2015 by
1,174,786 39
Light-bulb LEVEL 33 - Help Please - I keep coming up one move short when I play level 33 in Candy Crush. Is the...
Shelly Roberts shared • Last reply May 08, 2015 by
695,197 49
Question-white LEVEL 16 CANDY CRUSH SAGA - I cant pass level 16, no matter what i do...can someone give me some adv...
Sue Madhatter asked • Last reply May 08, 2015 by
4,568 3
Light-bulb Go buy lives with free gift cards!! - I have got some rewarding apps which could earn some free gift...
shared May 13, 2015
9 0
Question-white help for CCS soda? - Help can't figure out 296? I am not seeing right I guess. Stuck!!!🙍😧😦
Cynthia HawthorneHanshaw asked May 13, 2015
4 0
Question-white Candy Crush Hell lol - Anyone else feel like this? Lol. I can't stop playing but stuck on same level...
asked • Last reply May 09, 2015 by Facebook user
15 1
Light-bulb need help !!! - Someone... help me on level 914...
Mohd Izani shared May 09, 2015
9 0
Light-bulb how can I identify candy& Jelly -
shared May 05, 2015
4 0
Question-white How do I get a wrapped candy? - I'm on level 135 and I need to switch wrapped candies with other wra...
Terry McIntyre asked • Last reply Apr 18, 2015 by
58,722 7
Light-bulb Question about Jellies - This may sound stupid but when they say clear the jelly do they mean the je...
Vampyress Anita shared • Last reply Apr 15, 2015 by
411,897 31
Light-bulb How to get unlimited lives & boosters, and beat any level in Candy Crush! - There is a Google Chrome...
Joe Levy shared Mar 30, 2015
470 0
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