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Light-bulb I was addicted to candycrush until I read this book!!! - here is something to share with anyone play...
Aj Reuben shared 17 hours ago
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Light-bulb please read this read this book! - written by Selina Guest " Are you addicted to candycrush? " avail...
Aj Reuben shared 17 hours ago
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Question-white I was addicted to candycrush until I read this book!!! - anyone addicted to candycrush? I read this ...
Aj Reuben asked 17 hours ago
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Light-bulb Level 65 help please - I cannot seem to get past level 65. Does anybody have any tips?
Jeanne Snyder Smith shared • Last reply 17 hours ago by Aj Reuben
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Light-bulb Level 181 imposible? - I am not convinced this level can be completed. The candies under the 2 cherr...
Ian Russell shared • Last reply 1 day ago by
622,971 29
Question-white Missing lives and wheel - Anyone else in the same boat? Spinning wheel not been active (via FB) for...
Linda Sheppard asked • Last reply a week ago by Mainewil Peetra
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Light-bulb Level 130 need help !!!! - What's the order means in this level??
Han Yeh Hsin shared • Last reply Jun 18, 2014 by David Clark
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Light-bulb I will pass any level on Candy Crush Saga for you for $5 -
Costan Andrei-Manuel shared Sep 07, 2014
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Light-bulb how do yo beat level 91 ........ Help ! :-( -
Angela Lynn Darden Tyson shared • Last reply Aug 22, 2014 by Mireya Chevere
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Light-bulb candy crush levels lost - I was on level 302 and signed into face book and it took me back to le...
Ceola McCurdy shared Aug 29, 2014
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Question-white lost levels after connecting to facebook - I'm was not playing on facebook but accidentally clicked ...
Magnus Alehult asked Aug 22, 2014
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Light-bulb Candy Crush Saga Level 645 tips and strategies - Hi Gamers! We found the following tips for Candy C...
Kixie Lam-Jek shared • Last reply Aug 23, 2014 by Vinay Rao
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