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Light-bulb autoplayer castle age -
Fed Leader shared • Last reply May 14, 2012 by Ian Shader
2,653 2
Light-bulb Gifts - I noticed that while you have a limited amount of gifts that you can send, your friends name...
Marci Erin shared • Last reply May 15, 2010 by Michael Einhaus
2,441 3
Light-bulb how do you acquire divine items???? I FINALLY FOUND OUT!!!!you acquire 'divine-power objects' thr...
Christina Walling shared • Last reply Sep 12, 2012 by Pierre-Alexandre Dumouchel
2,296 1
Light-bulb CTA Thread - Post Your Link Request Here! - It would be wonderful if everyone keep to one thread and...
Ai Azuree shared • Last reply Jan 24, 2014 by June Ge
968 29
Question-white Level 90/Atlantis Quest - Does anyone know if the Atlantis quest availability has to do with reachin...
Katie Finnell asked • Last reply May 15, 2010 by Michael Einhaus
1,074 1
Question-white atlantis map pieces - how do you get them? i have 2 that popped up somewhere, but i'm not sure how t...
John Wittkopp asked • Last reply Jun 11, 2010 by Brooks Wertz
653 1
Question-white trading items in castle age - Can you trade items with people in your army in castle age? if you can...
Heather Aird asked Dec 18, 2010
453 0
Light-bulb castle age (Add Me) -!/profile.php?id=1016168966
Jacqueline Slater shared • Last reply May 18, 2013 by Stan Chelmecki
436 3
Question-white Monster critical need clicks will return all the favors -
Ramya Somashekaraiah asked • Last reply Jan 24, 2014 by June Ge
346 6
Question-white Removing unwanted apprentices - Does anyone know how to remove apprentices that are not playing, muc...
Daniel Selby asked • Last reply Jul 09, 2010 by Sharon Poulos
362 1
Light-bulb http://www, arena guide - Links and tips - more comming on http://www.castleageg...
Hans Castle shared Jan 07, 2011
325 0
Light-bulb just a word - ... to those who post in "add me"--- if you want to get people to add you, you need to...
Sharon Poulos shared Jun 13, 2010
295 0
Light-bulb Send me invite for castle age friend request... -
Samuel Marodis shared Jul 24, 2010
249 0
Question-white hey can you help me on castle age by adding me and increasing my army - hey i need help from you by ...
Stephen Bennett asked • Last reply Jan 20, 2013 by Michelle Vance-Garner
208 2
Light-bulb Guild of only 39 "Kombat Ready Active Only" is looking for members -
Denise Belcher shared Jun 19, 2011
196 0
Light-bulb Love this site!! - hey there everyone i know that alot of you do not like this site but i am telling...
Heather Aird shared Dec 17, 2010
148 0
Light-bulb 100 golden eggs contest - im in need of 14 more eggs time is runing out i will send one back  thanks
Alex Alexies shared Oct 25, 2010
161 0
Light-bulb please send me a request for castle age to increase my army..thanks! - please add me!
Vinny Romeo shared • Last reply May 18, 2013 by Stan Chelmecki
163 2
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