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Pin Please be careful not to get scammed! - I just had to delete bunch of posts and comments that was ad...
Amy Wong shared • Last reply Sep 23, 2013 by Lissa Auton
9,062 11
Light-bulb Why are they deleting Chefville? Do they realize how much time and money has been invested in thi...
Deanna Winfrey shared • Last reply Apr 29, 2015 by Laura J Lewis
120 2
Question-white IS THE GAME ENDING? - no new quests. no new released the game ending?
Lisa Roque asked • Last reply Apr 20, 2015 by Philip Chefville Mazell
3,601 18
Light-bulb I have snag bar installed, but link exchange can't find it. I've tried reloading, no luck.
Terry Folan shared Mar 29, 2015
12 0
Light-bulb need help with quest - I need help completing the "Cold Cake Files" I need to get some cheesecake b...
Dorothy Vaters shared • Last reply Mar 15, 2015 by Frankie Ogden
42 1
Question-white Indian Spice Garden Expansion - Ok, I killed myself cooking all those dishes to open up this expansi...
Ginger Litton asked • Last reply Mar 11, 2015 by Agnes Stofko
796 6
Light-bulb gamersunited is the end? - What is happening with gamersunited and Facebook??? dont you understand i...
Clementina Paiva shared • Last reply Feb 17, 2015 by Rae Hall
88 1
Light-bulb Link Exchange not showing my posts - It was working nicely and I can go into Link Exchange to click ...
Catz ChefVille shared • Last reply Feb 16, 2015 by Missy Del
144 7
Light-bulb please enter your request manually? - what must i do to post what i need in the game?
Manuela Wolk shared Feb 16, 2015
27 0
Question-white How do I manually enter my posts on link exchange? Which part of my post do I copy and paste? T...
Anne Marie Loesch asked Feb 16, 2015
33 0
Question-white fix it plxxx - i m unable to share my request post here...
asked • Last reply Feb 14, 2015 by Rae Hall
64 1
Question-white snag bar link exchange - I have a snag bar, what I have to do next? It doesn't work...
Joanna Rejniak asked Feb 14, 2015
51 0
Question-white snag bar is slow or doesn't collect items - When I first installed the snag bar it worked great. No...
Spence Eli asked • Last reply Feb 14, 2015 by
31 1
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