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Pin CoasterVille Closed on July 24th, 2014 - According to Zynga: Closure Announcement: CoasterVille ...
Amy Wong shared Jul 30, 2014
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Light-bulb 25 Pack Energy - Here is a little trick I do to get 25 Packs of Energy whenever I need them!! ...
Mike Pointon shared • Last reply Jun 23, 2013 by Andre D Lee
6,742 22
Light-bulb Welcome to the Gamers Unite! CoasterVille forum! - If you're looking for friends to play, please use...
Kixie Lam-Jek shared • Last reply Jun 06, 2013 by Bobbi Clayton
7,884 57
Light-bulb Coasterville friends but not Facebook friends? - Help please, how do i add people who play the game ...
Amanda Tindle shared • Last reply Feb 26, 2013 by Maria Clement-Duwe
6,128 6
Light-bulb MAJESTIC CASTLE LANDMARK BONUS - HOW DO YOU USE IT??? - I have to complete the mission where you cl...
Peppy Fa shared • Last reply Mar 08, 2014 by Michael Joines
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Question-white Mascot troubles - can't click on them - Anyone else having trouble with their mascots? Mine is ready...
Carolyn Starr asked • Last reply Sep 27, 2013 by Jodi Rosenblum Garbin
3,702 74
Light-bulb retro hotel getting help but not showing.. - I have friends helping with the retro hotel but they ar...
Logan Dodd McDaniel shared • Last reply Jan 27, 2013 by Logan Dodd McDaniel
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Light-bulb Need inspiration? Useful bug! - I just found out a very useful bug if you're low on inspiration! You...
Iris Jansen shared • Last reply Apr 25, 2013 by Iris Jansen
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Question-white So is this the end of Coasterville? - Been without quests for a while now, nothing happening! Just ...
Mary Ebbs asked • Last reply Aug 01, 2013 by Ag Nes
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Light-bulb Beach Quest showing up but map says locked - Is anyone else having this issue? Or know how to fix it?
Amber Anderson shared • Last reply Aug 11, 2013 by Lina Vallejo
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Light-bulb Help!!! My Coasterville won't load anymore. I just have a gray screen. What do I need to do to fi...
Aimee Padilla shared • Last reply Jul 20, 2013 by Living Deadgirl
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Question-white Hit the Waves Quest Beach Expansion - OK so we can now progress with the beach but has anybody else ...
Kim Bidwell asked • Last reply Sep 26, 2013 by Tiger Theprince
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Question-white Please help asap!!! - I am on the quest for the Majestic Castle's Landmark bonus. It tells me to cli...
Rebecca Miller asked • Last reply Aug 29, 2013 by Erica Orchard
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