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Due to Facebook's API "upgrade" (it's actually a big downgrade), after 4/30/2015, this page will no longer work unless you have the Snag Bar installed. Be prepared by installing it now so you can continue to use this page.
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What is this page?

It's super hard to only see game feeds on Facebook because everything is mingled - status updates, shares and likes, picture etc. There isn't a very easy way to view only game feeds to collect bonuses or see what your friends need you to send in the game. This page will let you view your game feeds instantly!

Sounds great! But why do I need Gamers Unite! Snag Bar?

Facebook used to provide an API called "read_stream" that enabled apps to fetch users' feeds. However, they decided to deprecated that on 4/30/2015. Therefore, the only was we can read your stream is by using the browser's technology to read your stream which we need an extension or a toolbar to do the work.

What is 1-Click Bonus?

This will let you click on the game feeds in 1-Click so you don't have to do it manually one by one.

My CoasterVille Feeds

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