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Criminal Case

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Pin Looking for taggers for the mobile version of Criminal Case! - Hey Detectives! Do you play the mobi...
Amy Wong shared • Last reply Feb 08, 2015 by Kassem Chubassi
1,084 3
Pin Experiment: Help us tag the hidden objects - Update June 3rd: We now have a tab for this. Just click...
Kixie Lam-Jek shared • Last reply Nov 04, 2014 by Diana Duffy
47,418 28
Question-white Unknown Criminal case problem - Hi all, I am playing CC long time and from 2 dayes I cant find answ...
asked May 18, 2015
107 0
Light-bulb PLEASE HELP ME TO FIND FREE ENERGY - could someone please tell me if there is a way to get some free...
Jamie Armitage shared • Last reply Mar 29, 2015 by
91,764 13
Question-white Coins: what's the point? What are they good for? - You can't buy energy. They won't get a report wri...
asked • Last reply May 15, 2015 by
704 4
Question-white STOP POSTING TO MY FACEBBOK - I love this game, but want to stop it from posting to my facebook all ...
Kelly Harasti Shearer asked • Last reply May 16, 2015 by
2,774 4
Light-bulb ur pg not working like it should - ur pg only collects coins barly collects ojs and never any c...
Mary Ann Brown shared May 15, 2015
19 0
Light-bulb major theives on this game - Every time I'm down to my last 20 energy the game will take it and not ...
shared May 09, 2015
238 0
Question-white How do I get gold crowns? - In my lasts 2 cases I did not receive gold crowns. What did I do wrong? ...
asked • Last reply May 07, 2015 by
290 1
Question-white Using too much memory on iPad - Hi, This game uses a lot of memory on my iPad. Does anyone know i...
Edna Jordan asked • Last reply May 06, 2015 by
118 1
Light-bulb what good is earning rings? - what good is earning rings?
shared • Last reply May 03, 2015 by SharDae Lewis
847 1
Light-bulb CAN I autofeed my DoG - anyone plz help me out in autofeeding my dogs..... if possible
Runic Soubam shared • Last reply Apr 30, 2015 by Grace Chan
5,834 5
Question-white Orange farmer trophy - How do you go to people's timeline to get the trophies
asked • Last reply May 04, 2015 by Tiago Mallén
168 1
Light-bulb How to get reports - Is there a way to select specific people to fill out your reports? My app only ...
shared May 01, 2015
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