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Pin Welcome to the Gamers Unite! Disney City Girl forum! - If you're looking for friends to play, please...
Kixie Lam-Jek shared • Last reply Jun 18, 2013 by Sandra Clower
5,056 2
Light-bulb i need gold because i want to buy a new apartment -
marissa wahid shared Aug 26, 2017
16 0
Light-bulb Looking for Active Neighbors in City Girl. If you need a neighbor add me on facebook. - I only have ...
Danielle Daigle Phillips shared • Last reply Aug 04, 2017 by Milena M
1,692 37
Light-bulb I need more neighbors -
Evonina Spears shared • Last reply Feb 13, 2017 by Kylina Oviedo
2,252 60
Light-bulb Promotional code, what's that? - When I press the button "Promo", I'm asked for a promotional code. ...
Inge-Lise Ulf Ertmann shared • Last reply Oct 07, 2016 by Jessica Ellerby
36,163 56
Light-bulb i want free gold - i want to change my apartment,soi need gold
Ramya Reddy shared • Last reply Jan 28, 2017 by bay bea
12,131 19
Light-bulb How can i earn more keys - How can i earn more keys
Kathrynn Dortland shared • Last reply Mar 15, 2013 by Mary Randell
2,950 2
Light-bulb Help me please,I am stuck in Disney City Girl !!! - Hello all,I am at level 40 now,my skills are at ...
Andreea Maria shared • Last reply Jun 04, 2014 by Rose Getter
2,329 7
Light-bulb Can't request recommendations from friends and neighbors for my cook job on Disney City Girl.
Kristen Kae Thomas shared • Last reply Jan 05, 2015 by Connie Ateek
1,592 6
Light-bulb Daily looks votes - How are people getting thousands of votes? I barely get 100
Derica Renee shared • Last reply Mar 08, 2013 by Arch Angel
1,400 1
Light-bulb I'm trying to get ahold of 10,000 glam for the final apartment. - Any suggestions on how to get ther...
Hayley Nicole Garrett shared • Last reply Jul 03, 2014 by Sassette Kohls
1,361 2
Question-white How can i get keys to move into a new apartment? - Someone please help me im trying to move into a n...
Ashley Gareth Mole asked • Last reply Apr 21, 2013 by Rachel Vinzon
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