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Question-white Stuck at the wedding - I have completed numerous tasks in the wedding scene. I can not figure out w...
Ria Voss asked • Last reply Mar 15, 2013 by Patricia Gavin-Regan
345 4
Question-white Where Can I Find a Black Stallion? - I am trying to build the water tower and it is asking for a rop...
Tese Gunder Hall asked Mar 13, 2013
337 0
Question-white Where do I find the White owl? - I need the white owl to collect a white fether for the headache med...
Allison Little asked • Last reply Nov 14, 2013 by Joanne Meyer Jones
288 1
Light-bulb Can't get friends to "add" - A few people from this forum accepted my friend request so I could have...
Jen Terry Podlaski shared • Last reply Nov 14, 2012 by Alan Attebery
253 1
Light-bulb problems with game - Hi I just found this game and I hate it already because it won't let me type my...
Heather Golden shared Nov 16, 2012
202 0
Light-bulb stuck please help - None of my friends play. Is there anywhere to progress without their help
Debbie Davenport shared • Last reply Nov 17, 2013 by Katherina Santangelo
228 1
Question-white Can't request from new neighbor - I've added a new neighbor, but when I try to request something fro...
Jan Becker Dean asked • Last reply Nov 03, 2013 by Kendra L. Quinn
211 3
Light-bulb Matches in Camping Ground - Where can I locate the matches for the firepit? Thanks
Summer Vegas shared Jan 16, 2013
216 0
Light-bulb it wont let me stat the wedding ceremony why - i finished making the bride boquet and the groom vows...
Nicole Garcia shared • Last reply Jan 30, 2013 by Nicole Garcia
183 2
Light-bulb Friends needed bad - New at the game and need friends,
Brandi Whitacre shared • Last reply Mar 16, 2014 by Lynette Albert
139 6
Question-white When i craft flashlights for the fog at the gypsy camp i only get 1 after 24 hrs. very frustrating .
Floreen Jackson Lovett asked Feb 02, 2013
191 0
Light-bulb where can i find a black stallion?? -
Dorina Kalimeri shared Aug 03, 2013
172 0
Question-white Couple Problems. Help Please! - Been playing for a couple days and already have problems. First the ...
Jessica Lewis asked Apr 10, 2013
171 0
Question-white Game won't load - Tried to play this game this a.m. and it won't load, screen is blank. All my othe...
Suzanne Penninger asked Dec 27, 2012
135 0
Light-bulb I can't add friends or asking for help. - Hi, I've just start playing the game this morning and now...
Ann EsTe shared Jan 13, 2013
124 0
Light-bulb obtaining the tools. - So I don't have any friends playing this that can give me tools and I can't m...
Katie Kennedy shared Dec 31, 2013
115 0
Light-bulb Manor pillar problem... - Hi, I found the Manor Pillar and I have it in the storage but I can't use ...
Patrycja Michałowska shared Oct 25, 2013
125 0
Question-white Can anyone help me please!!!?????? - How can I send my GOM friends gifts of other things than the us...
Cath Soulsby asked Nov 03, 2012
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