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Pin Welcome to the Gamers Unite! Family Farm forum! - If you're looking for friends to play, please use ...
Kixie Lam-Jek shared • Last reply Oct 03, 2015 by harry. max
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Light-bulb Registering Items and machinery - I cannot register either the welcome sign or the shovel. Anyone el...
Jeanne Olson shared 5 days ago
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Question-white Where do I get violets - Please tell me where I get violets. Or what level I have to be???
Renee Castillo asked • Last reply Nov 19, 2015 by Misty Campbell
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Light-bulb Family Farm Seaside ADD ME - FDEFRBD
Lucy Hunt shared Nov 04, 2015
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Light-bulb Question on the Farmer's Club - How often does the Farmer's Club on the Facebook Game update? I have...
Sarah Wolfanger shared Nov 03, 2015
7 0
Light-bulb I don't like the Halloween background - How do I switch my Halloween background back to the regular ...
Christine Lund shared Oct 22, 2015
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Question-white Candy Corn ? - Been playing for a long time - but can't seem to find where I get candy corn from
Debi Robinson Webster asked Oct 21, 2015
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Light-bulb Chia Bush, where or how do I get one? - I am not understanding how or where to get the "Chia Bush" ...
Jay Fox shared Oct 17, 2015
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Light-bulb Chia seeds ????? - Where do I find Chia seeds?
Katy B shared Oct 13, 2015
44 0
Light-bulb Seaside Windows phone neighbors - FAAYLJX I can only add neighbors from other Window Phones. I...
Samantha Martin shared Oct 14, 2015
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Light-bulb Where do I get this violet flower? - where do I get violets to use on the essential oil machine?
Renee Castillo shared Oct 13, 2015
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Question-white Family Farm - How do I get dried tomatoes? - I need to make dried tomato bread, but how do I get dri...
Debbie Johnson asked Oct 10, 2015
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