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Question-white Will Fantasy K be added - When Will Fantasy Kingdom wall gifts be added to snag bar? Is there any t...
Linda Vance asked • Last reply Jul 12, 2011 by Tasha Tackett
146 1
Light-bulb Free Gift Egg - On the first screen, there's a button marked, enter promo code. Enter SXSW2010 and y...
Rebecca Kirkland shared • Last reply Mar 06, 2011 by Joshua Clucas
1,330 4
Question-white Need more plots to plant... ? - Can anyone tell me how to get more spaces to plant more crops at onc...
Elizabeth Garvey asked • Last reply Dec 23, 2013 by Fran Bradford
39 1
Light-bulb FANTASY KINGDOMS Tip - Hey, I've found that planting a lot of the cheaper crops at first can help...
Taurus Gamer shared • Last reply Dec 10, 2010 by Sj Thompson
1,096 1
Light-bulb fanaty kingdom tip - if you harvest/plow or plant your fields,do that : click all fields and instea...
Aschoggi Muesli shared • Last reply May 31, 2010 by Silvia N Rex Fedosejevs
592 1
Light-bulb Fantasy Kingdoms tips and tricks - First of all, the cheapest crop, the catnip, is absolutely worthl...
Evan Hutchinson shared • Last reply May 22, 2011 by Betty Moroney
649 2
Light-bulb Need Neighbors Please! - I need some neighbors so far noone wants to join me in Fantasy Kingdoms.
Dena Kuddes shared • Last reply Aug 01, 2013 by Silvie Dupont
305 13
Light-bulb To boldly go beyond the farming game format - You can really do well to customize a unique kingdom a...
Bubba Fett shared Jun 02, 2010
358 0
Light-bulb Artifacts... and how to use them! - Artefacts are objects that store and discharge mana. They come i...
Teresa Patcheson shared • Last reply Nov 09, 2011 by Beth Krncevic
216 1
Light-bulb For new players: "Try before you Buy" - When you want to purchase something new for Fantasy Kingdo...
Teresa Patcheson shared Apr 15, 2011
220 0
Question-white about one click gifts. - why does the one click gifts not work on Fantasy Kingdom?
Jett Nichols Witham asked • Last reply Jun 27, 2011 by Melisa Piekarski
165 3
Light-bulb Trees Grow Mana - Trees grow Mana over a period of days. When you Gather their Mana, they will autom...
Thor Gamer shared Jun 01, 2010
165 0
Light-bulb Can we post links! - I would like to post links to help collect items for spell crafting
Neva Ahern shared Nov 21, 2010
110 0
Light-bulb Looking for more friends:) - Would love to have more people to enjoy the game with. lots have quit ...
Melisa Piekarski shared Sep 23, 2010
69 0
Light-bulb Problems? Fill out this form! -
Harmony Isdyle shared Nov 26, 2010
88 0
Light-bulb Bewitched (Not Dick York) - Magical Crops become Bewitched if not Gathered soon enough, but trees an...
David Christopher Collier shared Jun 02, 2010
87 0
Light-bulb MAgic Beans please - I need just one more magic bean to get my giants bean stalk. If anyone can help...
Debi Sheehan shared May 23, 2011
64 0
Question-white Why is it when I click the add all button for fanatsy kingdoms it always adds only one item?
Judy E Huemiller asked Jul 25, 2011
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