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Farm Town

Multiplayer Farming, Fishing and Factory game with 20 Farms, 500 Levels and 250 Factories, Restaurants and Service Facilities


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Question-white Quick ways to get Farm Cash - Hi - does anyone know any quick ways or tips to get Farm Cash - need s...
Jennifer Sneyd asked • Last reply Feb 11, 2016 by Elie Ilano
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Light-bulb Free Farm Town Gifts - You can go here for almost unlimited farmtown gifts!  ...
Rita Forsythe shared • Last reply Oct 05, 2015 by Debbie Nichols
40,044 6
Light-bulb Need Free Gifts ? : ! Over 190000 links ! - Need Free Gifts ? : http:/...
Titou Lelapinou shared Nov 15, 2010
38,458 0
Light-bulb free gifts from message board links.... look 'em up - go to the discussion boards, and there are ton...
April Hall shared • Last reply Nov 01, 2013 by Lisa Brown Smith
25,371 12
Question-white Farm Town Bee Food - the game just gave me bees, but no way to get the flowers I need to make the be...
Brandy Spoljaric asked • Last reply Oct 31, 2018 by Catherine Almanza
463 1
Question-white Layering or stacking crops - I came across instructions for layering or stacking crops a long time a...
Shaaron Wismer asked • Last reply Oct 28, 2011 by Lisa Brown Smith
14,745 3
Question-white Free Farm Town Cash? Is this real? - I recieved this message today...what is it all about?  Where d...
Sue Stalvey asked • Last reply Aug 20, 2010 by Deb Reed
11,119 1
Question-white need farm town cash - How can we play with the facilities if earning farm town cash is so dog gone h...
asked • Last reply May 31, 2010 by Carrie Beth Buzzelli
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Question-white How do i get flowers to make Bee food??? - I can't figure out how to get the flowers needed to make ...
Victoria Gautney asked • Last reply Oct 30, 2018 by Catherine Almanza
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Question-white Free Farm Town Farm Cash? - Anyone know where to get free FT cash from? Aside from facebook surveys ...
Angel Byars asked Oct 07, 2011
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Light-bulb farmtown gifts links site - is a really good site to send your self gifts ...
Farmhandone Hand shared • Last reply Jun 06, 2011 by Conny Valkenborgh
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Light-bulb Free farmtown stuff - I found a link once that allowed me to get free cinnamon trees and flowers.  N...
Mycirenae Shelton shared • Last reply Mar 17, 2013 by Chantelle Marie Griffiths
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