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Light-bulb Animal XP list for 2019 - This list is outdated and not correct. Do you have an updated animal XP li...
Wonda Corcoran shared 1 day ago
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Light-bulb Gourmet Farm and Whoops-a-daisy message - Keep getting the whoops-a-daisy message when trying to tra...
Joni Korthals shared • Last reply Apr 04, 2019 by Tyson Harold
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Light-bulb save problem problem - my farm ville did not save when i open again it start prvious time any body t...
Sheikh Aqeel Ahmad shared • Last reply Jul 24, 2019 by Dennis Kemp
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Light-bulb The Link Exchange System Suggestion - Try Gameskip - I need lots of Farmville 2 materials and I pos...
Aasim Qureshi shared Jul 23, 2019
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Question-white rare crafted foods - What does e_rare_crafted_butter_sauce really mean?
Jake Roberts asked • Last reply Jun 17, 2019 by Sharon Fisher
45 1
Question-white Still getting Whoops a daisy messages............. - I have been getting this message everytime I tr...
Julie Vandervelde-Moll asked • Last reply Mar 14, 2019 by Tyson Harold
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Light-bulb How To Get Water Tips - Hey guys I just found this on how to get more water in FarmVille 2. I'm kind...
John Smith shared • Last reply Feb 06, 2018 by valerie sanborn
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Question-white baby animal care - under family jobs my baby animal care is not highlighted so i can not use it I h...
Kim Lismanis asked • Last reply May 14, 2019 by Arun kumar
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Light-bulb Brewing Tea Bar - Place the Tea Brewing Bar in your farm to start this feature. After pl...
Stacie Scott shared • Last reply May 14, 2019 by Arun kumar
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Light-bulb Teach Child Foraging: - Teach Child Foraging: 22 tasks Collect 5 dollies. Raise 1 baby pig. Ma...
Laurie A. Adams shared • Last reply May 13, 2019 by Arun kumar
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Light-bulb Join my new coop - Come join my new coop "Peaky Farmers" very helpful and polite and won't kick out ...
sam J shared Apr 16, 2019
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Light-bulb Hints & Tricks with Farmville 2 - Hey everyone, Here are some hints, tricks and tips I have learn...
Brandon Jones shared • Last reply Mar 13, 2019 by adam hull
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