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 via FV bonus checker

 via FV bonus checker

 via FV bonus checker


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FV bonus checker

Condensed list of bonuses you can get from your friends' posts on the wall.

28 people looking for FV bonus checker friends!

Agnes Stump
added Jul 18, 2014
Lisa Stjean
added Feb 01, 2014
Arnold És Zsuzsanna Jurgács
added Jan 31, 2014
Rena Fobbs
added May 19, 2013
Linda Myers
added Apr 20, 2013


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This application reads Farmville bonuses that were posted on your wall by Farmville friends and displays them in a condensed list, 1 icon per bonus, all...

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Oct 9

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Jun 11

FV Bonus Checker (temporarily) disabled | Bonus Checkers

Thanks to people that run their campaign to kill bonus checkers, while it's real users like it, a Facebook robot disabled it because it seemed to have bad feedback. .... Can you help? thanks, I am lost without FV bonus checker. thanks again .... Such a shame SOME people feel this is “cheating”…. what these on line all the time people do not realize that some of us actually work where we do not have access to play our games… and/or are in parts of the country where the internet access ...

Oct 7

Bonus Checkers are not cheating applications. | Bonus ...

Bonus checkers don't use anything else than tools provided by facebook to read the walls, in fact it never reads the wall, it directly ask facebook's databases for the data using tools coded by facebook and given to application developpers, ..... i agree with you bonnie i have used bonus checkers from day one also and have lost lots of neighbors because of this but its not a cheat gamers unite is though and if you want to get rid of this fine but please leave fv bonus checkers alone its ...

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