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Flowers to lift someone's spirits and just say "I care". Gifts to express your love.


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Question-white Missing santa-what is it called? - Hello-help needed please....Last christmas i traded some blue egg...
Steven Thornton asked 6 days ago
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Light-bulb Flower Shop Interesting Game - I always love to play Flower Shop popular game. I take help of gamesk...
Kiran Shoor shared Nov 15, 2015
3 0
Light-bulb Add me!!! Regukar Flower Shop Player - I play flower shop daily ADD ME !!! I send gifts etc.... Need...
Christopher Covington shared • Last reply Jul 21, 2015 by April Warren
750 26
Question-white How do i gain nutrient water & what are sapphire`s used for? -
Nichola Everard asked Nov 03, 2015
11 0
Light-bulb how sapphire is produced? -
Adityabarna Kisoloyee shared Oct 09, 2015
14 0
Question-white Where did my products go? - I just made some llotion and some candles but they've disappeared from t...
asked • Last reply Aug 31, 2015 by Rose Fialkiewicz
79 2
Light-bulb How can I unlock dahlias? - I have to harvest dahlias and make arrangement, but I can't plant them; ...
Jessica Buck shared Aug 22, 2015
18 0
Light-bulb Yellow Hydrangea Candles - How do you make 300 Yellow Hydrangea Candles? I have used tons of gold in...
shared • Last reply Jun 12, 2015 by Jovita Yeung
134 1
Light-bulb best value flowers? - Hi guys, Im relatively new to flower shop (lvl 35) and I have been wondering w...
Sandie Hawkins shared • Last reply Jan 03, 2015 by Kelly Duyck
1,706 4
Light-bulb Join the Flowershop Facebook group ! :D - Here you can exchange links, gifts and even make some new...
Gabrielle Boisvert shared • Last reply Oct 08, 2013 by Celita Cranfield Fruia
913 2
Question-white how to Hire Employees? - Do I really need to purchase Emplyees for 99 F credits?
Peachy Mae Abucejo asked • Last reply Nov 04, 2014 by Harlequin Saraji Fool
964 2
Question-white i need help on a quest - im trying to finsh a quest but i dont know were i can collect blue hydrang...
Jessica Leblanc asked • Last reply Oct 15, 2013 by Norma Dalton
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